Lonely Girls (Lucinda Williams) - Remembering Renoir

"Lonely Girls" by Lucinda Williams choreographed to classic Renoir portrait paintings. A perfect pair!

Dedicated to my daughters: Shawna, Brianna, Lucretia

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From: Bodeknocker Brumbill

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Renoir - Two Young Girls at the Piano | Art Reproduction Oil Painting

Hand-Painted Painting Reproduction with Oil on Canvas

Performer: https://www.TOPofART.com Art Reproductions Studio

Painting Title: Two Young Girls at the Piano, 1892

Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)

Art Movement: Impressionism

Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA

You can order museum-quality hand-painted reproduction of "Two Young Girls at the Piano" at the following link: https://www.topofart.com/artists/Renoir/art-reproduction/12330/Two-Young-Girls-at-the-Piano.php


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From: TOPofART Painting Reproductions

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Understanding Art Through Budapest Fine Arts Museum: Part II : Pierre Auguste Renoir: Portrait of a Girl

Renoir worked side-by-side with Monet. Learn more about the paintings of Pierre Auguste Renoir at the Budapest Fine Arts Museum in this free art education and travel video from a director and tour guide at the museum.

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