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Picasso Paintings: Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer. One of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, he is widely known for co-founding the Cubist movement, the invention of constructed sculpture, the co-invention of collage, and for the wide variety of styles that he helped develop and explore.


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The Picasso Project.wmv

Middleton Middle School 8th grade students paint self portraits in a Pablo Picasso style. They used a split complementary color scheme.

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Digital Artist, Omar Aqil, Converts Picasso Paintings Into Marvelous Modern Sculptures

Omar Aqil is a digital artist and an art director living in Pakistan.

Omar randomly selected the artworks of Pablo Picasso for the project.

He recreated the works of art in 3D sculptures.

Works by the artist display a postmodern approach but still preserves Picasso's style.

Omar Aqil's personal interpretation of Picasso's art is striking.

Omar brings dimension to paintings like 'Seated Woman' and 'Monument to the Spaniards.'

He brings voluminous texture and unexpected depth to the work.


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The Two Fridas... Picasso Style

Watch the process of my painting The Two Fridas. This painting is done is a style that was made popular by the artist Pablo Picasso. This video show the fusion of two very different artists Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso. Learn a brief biography of the Mexican folk artist.

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Art History & Calligraphy Tips : What Type of Styles Did Picasso Paint?

Renowned artist Pablo Picasso had distinct artistic styles that reflected different periods of his life. Learn about the styles in which Pablo Picasso painted with information from an illustrator in this free video on art history.

Expert: Lars Erik Robinson

Contact: www.aaart-tainment.com

Bio: Lars Erik Robinson graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design where he received his B.F.A in illustration in 1994.

Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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Picasso " Girl before Mirror " Cubism style oil painting time lapse

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Picasso's African Period, which lasted from 1907 to 1909, was the period when Pablo Picasso painted in a style which was strongly influenced by African Masks.

Heavily influenced by Picasso, I took this to a new level and used masquerade masks to portray Sadness and confusion with an expressionless faces, much like how Picasso painted his masked women in Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

The first few images are photographs that I have taken, followed by a short movie.

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Discount Picasso Paintings For Sale

We Have Discount Picasso Paintings For Sale, All Pablo Picasso Paintings Have Been Reduced. Cubism Started Here, His Influential Colorful Style Had Meanings, Through His Periods. His Epic Mood Swings Gave His Brush Life.


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The Art League of Long Island presents: Picasso and his Women

By Video Journalist Stephanie Stern

The Art League of Long Island hosts an art exhibition and fundraiser entitled, "Picasso and His Women". Artist and historian Franklin Hill Perrell delivers a lecture at the fundraiser, pointing out key themes in Pablo Picasso's works. Picasso's painting styles differed with each new love interest in his life. Funds raised at this event support the Art League of Long Island as a non-profit organization. It remains the largest and oldest visual arts...

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Picasso Cubist Style Painting

This is a tutorial demonstrating to students how to develop a "Picasso Style Portrait." Students also learn the properties of watercolor paint, transparent and opaque, adding more and less water. Students also reflect on color schemes when considering mixing colors and planning their compositions. We will be creating these portraits during our month of celebrating Hispanic Heritage!

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