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Arabic Islamic Calligraphy Art- Iqraa - اقرأ

Arabic islamic calligraphy art - Iqraa - english meaning ( Read / the first word revealed to the prophet)

Products used:

Mixed media paper

Flat brush

White acrylic paint

Brown acrylic paint

Yellow acrylic paint


Red acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

Gold acrylic paint

Sea sponge


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Water in Watercolor with Joe Francis Dowden

Joe Francis Dowden, paints spectacular water scenes with this video workshop, Water in Watercolor. Joe jumps right into the painting process with a river scene (shown in process here), teaching how to not only paint the water, but the surrounding landscape as well. In addition, he'll complete a scene where the focus is on rocks under the surface of shallow water, and another concentrating on techniques for fast-flowing water. Joe has fun tips and tricks throughout--masking,...

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Invisible Arabic Alphabet Letters | Crayola Watercolor Painting | Play & Learn | SYRAJ Kids

Kids paint with Crayola Watercolors & learn the Arabic Alphabet Letters. Watch invisible Arabic Alphabet letters appear! Crayola Watercolor Painting. Invisible Arabic Alphabet Letters. Teach your Kids Arabic with Syraj Kids.

DIY HOW TO: Draw Arabic letters onto contact paper. Cut out letters. Stick letters on regular white printer paper. Paint over with crayola watercolors and watch the invisible letters appear!

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From: Teach Children Arabic - Easy and Fun!

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The Golden Night Light Painting-Arabic Light Calligraphy

Arabic Light Calligraphy

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From: Mohammad Daif

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Arab Painting

Arab Painting

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From: Moises mbn

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Calligraphy Art - الله - Yellow Green

Arabic Islamic Calligraphy art - English translation ( Allah- God)

Products Used:

Acrylic Paper


Sea sponge

Leaf green acrylic paint

Sap green acrylic paint

Yelllow acrylic paint

White acrylic paint

Paint brush

Arabic Islamic Calligraphy - Allah - الله

Music: Bensound

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From: Crafts and Calligraphy

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Live Arabic Calligraphy Painting

Live Arabic Calligraphy Painting in my art studio in California. Directed by Kevin Prudencio

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From: Kinda Hibrawi

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