A Nod To Fauvism - Time Lapse - Speed Painting - J. Travis Duncan

Portrait of a young lady with a nod to one of my favorite art movements, Fauvism. Using the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Procreate app, I painted this with Derain and Matisse in mind, especially “Portrait of Matisse” by André Derain and “Woman With A Hat” by Henri Matisse.

Portfolio of J. Travis Duncan: www.jtravisduncan.com

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Modern Art Series #4: Mountains at Collioure, Derain, 1905

Learn about this awesome painting that Derain made in 1905. It depicts Collioure, an idyllic seaside town in the French Riviera. Want to be more educated? Check out my website at www.learntravelart.com

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Music: Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven

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Examining Woman Seated by Henri Matisse

How long do you think it took Matisse to paint this masterpiece? Senior Painting Conservator Scott Heffley takes a guess.

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Why knowing is (& Matisse's Woman with a Hat) - Martha Ronk

or recognizing the questionable quality of light on her face

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Blue Woman:Rehearsal Footage

Paula's Matisse Solo

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Henri Matisse at Work in 1946 - Young Woman in White

Henri Matisse (1869–1954) filmed in 1946 while painting his "Young Woman in White, Red Background" (Jeune femme en blanc, fond rouge - oil / canvas - 92x73cm). The Master uses here a simple plate as his palette. The haitian model is painted in the typical "odalisque-pose" that Matisse loved so much. She is lying on a white tiger skin (dixit Louis Aragon). As wrote John Elderfiel about this painting : "The face of this model appears more distant from us than the painted proximity of the whole...

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Henri Matisse, The Blue Blouse, 1936

Learn more about the artistic credo of Henri Matisse and about the woman who served Matisse as a model for several years. From the podcast series featuring highlights of the Kunstmuseum Bern’s collection.

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