Chefchaouen: Morocco's BLUE CITY

If you ever find yourself in Morocco I definitely recommend visiting Chefchaouen. It was founded in 1471 by Jews and Moors who fled Spain. As you walk through Chefchaouen, all the blue hues make you feel like you're in an other world. Many locals have different opinions on why the city was painted blue. For example I was told blue repels mosquitos, it represents the sky, it represents the sea, and it was painted by the Jews who settled there. Regardless, Chafechauen lives up to it's nickname...

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From: Bella Chavez

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Face paint cosplay tutorial

A face paint make up tutorial for cosplay characters that don't have flesh coloured skin. Here I'm using blue as I would for my Cortana cosplay. Pretty straight forward. Most people apply face paint and it's all streaky/too thin, this shows you how to apply an even coat that will cover up your skin tone as well as a product I use that will help with smudging.

Products used:

- WOLFE Face Art FX hydrocolor - colour 066 (the first blue I used)

- Paradise makeup AQ - colour lt. blue BA. Q-25 (the...

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From: Hyokenseisou

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Mixing Paint: Sky Blue???

Testing the shades of blue I can make

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From: Aeric V

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