'Neytiri 'Avatar Halloween Make-upTutorial ..!!!

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For this look .......

I used a Dark Blue Color Creme paint from Party city !

I mixed the Dark Blue with some white to create the pretty Navi color.http://www.partycity.com/product/blue+cream+makeup+1oz.do?sortby=ourPicks&pp=20&size=all

I mixed a Dark Blue creme with Black to draw the Stripes!


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From: dope2111

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Ultramarine Blue in Mixes

Ultramarine is a defiantly must have in your palette and is the most widely used of all the blues. Being semi transparent Ultramarine Blue works really well in glazes and is not an overpower colour. Ultramarine Blue is very dark and can look almost black from the tube, however thinned into a glaze or added with a touch of black will reveal the true beauty of the colour.

Ultramarine Blue has a warm undertone and works really well in paintings, being a subtle colour it won’t try and steal the...

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From: MG Art Class

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