Gum print workshop

festival: ANALOGUE NOW - berlin 2016

artist: Corinna Harl

With Gum printing it's possible to use watercolor paints to fix an image on fine-art paper. The gum arabic fixes the pigment and dichromates make the solution UV-light sensitive.

It's similar to cyanotype.

music: Hayvanlar Alemi - Equatorial Lies

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From: Jasper Eikmeier

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Making watercolor paint out of natural pigment, tutorial.

This video is a step by step tutorial by Ekaterina Smirnova, teaching how to make watercolor paint out of pigments found in nature.

Filmed at the Platte Clove Nature Preserve during the art residency in September 2011.

Ingredients used: powdered pigment, gum arabic (crystals), glycerin, white wheat starch, honey, oil of clove, ox gall.

Materials: saucepans, cheesecloth, glass sheet, putty knife or palette knife, muller, measuring spoons.


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From: Ekaterina Smirnova

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How to Use Gum Arabic in Watercolours

Learn how to use gum arabic in watercolour with artist Rob Dudley in this watercolour painting tutorial.



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Mixing Pearl-Ex pigment for calligraphy with the Luis Creations Soap magnetic ink stirrer

Mixing up custom calligraphy ink with a magnetic stirrer


Hi YouTube! It’s a hot Wednesday evening and I have a new toy - the magnetic ink stirrer - so I babbled into a camera about it for a little while …

In this video I’ve used:

- Jacquard Pearl-Ex pigments (available most art stores)

- Winsor Newton Gum Arabic (available most art stores)

- Tap water (but use distilled water if you live somewhere without crystal clear tap water!)

- Luis Creations “Soap” ink stirrer - if...

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From: Calligraphy by Moya

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pigments checker

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From: Cultural Heritage Science Open Source, CHSOS

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