Pro Art Gallery Dubai Opens Calligraphy Exhibition

The exhibition which will showcase 90 different artworks that include traditional and contemporary calligraphy by renowned Arab and Iranian artistsis on at the Pro Art Gallery, the gallery that is synonymous with innovative art & collectibles. The exhibition titled 'The Beauty of Calligraphy ' showcases the artworks by Arab and Iranian artists and will run from November 28th to December 19th 2012, at Palm Strip Shopping Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah.

The exhibition will illustrate how...

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Adnan Al Masri Arab Calligraphy ,From the Farhat Art Museum

A month to this date the art world and the community of the Arab art have lost one of their most influential Lebanese artists for the 20Th & the 21st century. Andan Al-Masri is one of the most important artists whom the Arab world has produced at our times. He is one of the few Arab artists who where able to cr...eate Arab / Islamic art that can be enjoyed by humanity anywhere at any time. Adnan's art is universal in the time and the space. His work is the bridge that connects side of Westren...

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From: Farhat Art Museum

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Faiza Maghni - Algerian Artist

Faiza Maghni is a self-taught painter born in Oran, Algeria, living now in Paris, France. Fascinated and inspired by Persian miniatures, Arabic calligraphy, and also by tribal art and contemporary painting, she creates her own universe. Faiza attempts to show through her portraits, the beauty and complexity of women by painting them dressed in rich costumes with an enigmatic expression in the eyes.

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Mahesh Bhatt Attends contemporary Arabic Calligraphy artist Salva Rasool`s art exhibition Elahiya

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Contemporary Middle Eastern Art

Middle Eastern calligraphy on display at a New York art gallery is being touted as a vehicle for dialogs between the Middle East, including Iran, and the West. Tthe works of art are recent creations that roughly coincide with the Arab uprisings in the Middle East. Saqib Ul Islam narrates Peter Fedynsky's story from New York .

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Arab Calligraphy House Old Dubai

Arabic calligraphy is an ancient art form that includes many different styles and continues to evolve in the hands of contemporary artists and typographers.


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