Salon | Discussion | Beyond Austerity: New Models of Support for Art in Crisis

Aleya Hamza, Founder of Gypsum Gallery, Cairo; Katalin Timar, Lecturer, Theory and Art History University of Pecs, Pécsi, Hungary; Övül Durmuşoğlu, Curator and Writer, Berlin/Istanbul; Khaled Jalanbo, Director, The Jalanbo Collection, New York

Moderator: Maxa Zoller, Curator of Art Basel’s Film sector and Independent Curator, Cairo

Date: Sunday, June 21, 2015, 4pm to 5pm

Filmed on site at Art Basel in Basel 2015

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From: Art Basel

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Local Spirit (Price One Minutes) Townhouse Gallery is a contemporary art space ...

-Price The One Minutes Africa Catégorie ''Micro-commercials'' 2011.There three years ago in Townhouse Gallery is a contemporary art space in Downtown, Cairo.

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From: Thierry Oussou

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Studio visit with faculty member Lita Albuquerque

We visited the Malibu studio of 30-year Graduate Art faculty member, Lita Albuquerque, to discuss her creative process and teaching philosophy.

Lita Albuquerque is an internationally renowned installation, environmental artist, painter and sculptor. She has developed a visual language that brings the realities of time and space to a human scale and is acclaimed for her ephemeral and permanent art works executed in the landscape and public sites. Numerous solo exhibitions include: a career...

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The Noise of Cairo - Mrs. Sherwet Shafei owner of Safarkhan Art Gallery

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From: Alaa Sorady

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Revolution art scene Cairo 2011

Art during 2011 after 25 of january. Cairo. Street art galleries, pop-up galleries in abandoned buildings. The creativity exploded.

film by Katrina Vrebalovich

some of the artists are Hisham El Zeiny, Francois Perez, Gar Honoratus Germundson, Gamal AbdEl Nasr, and many more.

Thank you to Michael Atherton for his generous permission to use his music in this video.

Music by: Michael Atherton

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ERON Bologna 2012 - FRONTIER La linea dello stile

New mural by Italian artist Eron.

Since 1989, developed his painting on city walls and canvas. In 2012, the official magazine of the MMOMA - Moscow Museum of Modern Art, has published an article on his work. Eron has exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York, Horizone One Gallery - Museum of Modern Art in Cairo, Palazzo della Permanente in Milan, Palace of Expositions of Rome, PAC - Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan.

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THE KEY: 2016 CARAVAN Exhibition of Art--CAIRO, EGYPT

CARAVAN exhibition of art

The official opening night of THE KEY, the 2016 CARAVAN Exhibition of Art in Cairo, Egypt and the Nile Art Gallery--15 March 2016.

THE KEY showcases the work of 40 premier and emerging Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Western contemporary visual artists, THE KEY focuses on a modern three-dimensional fiberglass portrayal (1.20 meter in height) of the ancient 'Key of Life,' the Ankh, the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read 'life', seen as the oldest known symbol of...

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From: Moataz El Safty

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Life's Beach

Animated Drawing SAWA Summer 2009 The Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art Cairo-Egypt

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Enjoy the feast of Arts from Middle East in Egypt!

From July 6th to 13th, the Third Cairo International Forum for Fine Arts was held in Cairo’s Lamsatt Gallery.

49 artists from Egypt,Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria present 53 artworks to the public.

These artworks, including paintings, sculptures and photographing are all of different styles.

The forum is a gathering for all kinds of fine arts, which helps the artists to exchange their expertise.

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exhibition of sculpture works of students at ain shams university ,cairo,egypt 2008

exhibition of sculpture in the faculty of specific education ,art department,own gallery,cairo,egypt,2008. added by Dr.Basma Shawky

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From: Basma Shawky Nassif

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