Building a 60% Blue Alps Board

Timelapse build of a 60% sized Alps mount keyboard with blue switches.

Desoldering of SKCM blue switches from a Leading Edge DC-2014 donor board.

Cleaning, lubing, and tuning of the blue switches.

Assembly of the Alp64 pcb, designed by Hasu.

Installation of the switches into a HHKB-style plate from Bluenalgene's Alps Party 3 group buy.

Installation into a Tex aluminum case.

Installation and stabilizer wire tuning of njbair's Alpine Winter keycaps.

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From: Morgan Speck

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Building a Cubby Play House with Fibre Cement Board or Blue Board

This is a cubby house built with a timber frame that uses fibre cement boards for wall panelling.

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From: clearance83

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