Blue Flame Day

City of El Paso's Mayor Dee Margo officially announces October 18, 2017 as "Blue Flame Day!" as the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso takes on an initiative to fully redevelop the historic Blue Flame Building in Downtown El Paso as the first high-rise, mixed-use residential development for the City's urban-core. This development is part of HACEP's $1.3 BILLION revitalization effort to transform affordable housing for the city. #HACEP #BlueFlame

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From: EPHousingAuthority

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Dark Souls II Dual Wielding Blue Flame Build PVP How To & Game Play

In this video:

1) PVP featuring Power Stance Dual Wielding Raw +3 Blue Flame & Poison + 1 Blue Flame.

2) How to find the Homing Crystal Soulmass in Shrine of Amana

3) How to find the Blue Flame in The Undead Crypt

4) Brief Powerleveling Tip in The Undead Crypt

5) How to find the Dull Ember in Iron Keep

6) How to find Soul Greatsword in Drangleic Castle & How to find Great Crystal Weapon in Dragon Aerie mentions.

7) Tips from a noob after 1.08 calibration...

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From: The Classic Gamer

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