Building Blue Bird Houses

It's a regular winter day in Missouri. I'm doing some finishing touches on a Blue Bird House that I built. The house needs to be mounted around the 1st of March.

If you would like plans on building this bird house and possibly others, check out this website:

Currently, these plans are listed on the 3rd set of plans. Look for Bluebird House Maintenance - Plans for building and maintaining a bluebird nest box. These are the...

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From: Ron Briz

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Blue Bird House Build

Building these Blue bird houses is an easy winter project that will attract these beautiful and useful birds to our property for years. All these houses were made from reclaimed and scrap lumber so the cost was minimal. Blue birds and Martins will inhabit these houses and are an excellent chemical-free way to control flies and mosquito's.

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From: PillywigginsGarden

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