Arabic Arts Calligraphy in Dubai - Artist Ahmed Ismail

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From: ahmed ismail

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World's First Skateable Art Structure in Dubai - The first Arabic Calligraphy skate ramp

When art and skateboarding collide great things happen... Kids get inspired, new artwork is born, and ramps get shredded. This is a physical manifestation of that sentiment embodied a ramp that spells, in Arabic, "ART".

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From: Skate Biladi

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#IslamBiz (11): What is Arabic calligraphy?

Renowned Moroccan artist calligrapher Abdelghani Filali Baba shares the secrets of the beauty of Islamic arts and Arabic writing.

Produced at Global Islamic Economy Summit , Dubai, 2016. #GIESummit

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From: Gérard Al-Fil

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‘History and art of Arabic calligraphy’ exhibition opens at The Dubai Mall

The exhibition features 28 calligraphers, including 12 from the UAE, 14 from the Arab and Islamic world and two from Spain, who participate in the event with 70 works, in addition to five sculptural pieces.

The exhibition is open daily at The Dubai Mall until July 6 from 10am to 1am.

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From: Khaleej Times

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Arabic Calligraphy Interview - Khaleelullah Chemnad CITY7 TV

Khaleelullah Chemnad interview at CITY7 English TV Channel in Dubai | Arabic calligraphy has special significance in Islam and practitioners of this art are highly regarded the world over. Gopi Krishna talks to established Arabic calligraphers in the UAE to find out what it takes to become a calligrapher and how their creativity is keeping a centuries old art form well and truly alive

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From: KhaleelullahChemnad Calligrapher

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Pro Art Gallery Dubai Opens Calligraphy Exhibition

The exhibition which will showcase 90 different artworks that include traditional and contemporary calligraphy by renowned Arab and Iranian artistsis on at the Pro Art Gallery, the gallery that is synonymous with innovative art & collectibles. The exhibition titled 'The Beauty of Calligraphy ' showcases the artworks by Arab and Iranian artists and will run from November 28th to December 19th 2012, at Palm Strip Shopping Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah.

The exhibition will illustrate how...

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From: Dubai Dates

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Dubai's Arabic Calligraphy

Book for a 30-minute Arabic calligraphy consultation here The mythical nature of calligraphy is something many of us will never have the patience of skill to do. But with you can explore the local world of Arabic calligraphy with one of the most talented this city has; Amir Hossein Golshani. Based in the stunning artisan Souk Khan Murjan in Wafi Mall, you can watch as Amir crafts his unique pieces each one telling a different story, view the stunning...

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From: MyConcierge

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Dubai in the Style of Kufic Arabic Calligraphy // دبي في الخط الكوفي العربي

This is a Kufic calligraphy rendering of the Arabic "دبي" which translates to "Dubai". This design is the XDubai logo. Their website can be found here:

Kufic is the oldest form of Arabic calligraphy, dating from about 1,400 years ago. The earliest manuscripts of the Quran were written using this script until around the 10th century, and it decorates the walls of countless mosques and shrines across the Middle East and beyond. It is named for the city of Kufah (today in...

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From: Red Temple

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Dubai International Arabic Calligraphy 2017

A quick look of the 9th Dubai International Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition 2017, one of the main events at the Dubai Art Season in collaboration with Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

Enjoy this short highlights video and we look forward to welcoming you to the next edition of the Dubai Art Season.

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From: WAFI

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Arab Calligraphy House Old Dubai

Arabic calligraphy is an ancient art form that includes many different styles and continues to evolve in the hands of contemporary artists and typographers.


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From: Shiran De Silva

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