Samia Halaby discussing her work at Ayyam Gallery London, 2013

Pioneering Palestinian artist Samia Halaby is widely credited with inspiring the new school of abstraction in contemporary Arab art. Over the past fifty years, Halaby has built upon historical abstraction in painting, such as that of the Russian Constructivists, merging this with traditional Arabic arts and Islamic architecture. Her rich and varied oeuvre is characterised by a compelling energy and an unceasing commitment to experimentation and at the age of 77, she continues to produce work...

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Lahd Gallery - Arabic Calligraphy

Amalia, an assistant at Lahd Gallery, states that in her opinion, Arabic calligraphy was considered as an art form because of how visually appealing it is.

Lahd Gallery, Hampstead, was initially set up in Riyadh to showcase emerging female artists in the Gulf area but the London gallery displays works from different Middle Eastern artists; not just female. The calligraphy exhibition features a number of different artists utilising a variety of artistic styles under one theme.

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