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OPP black and white

Ontario Provincial Police has recently (2007) reverted to a black and white scheme for their fleet. The force used this scheme on their police cars from 1941 to 1989, earning them the nickname " Holsteins " during that period, especially in the 1950s.

South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service in British Columbia also uses a black and...

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Tangier, Morocco | City guide (Condé Nast Traveller)

Danny Wallace on... The renaissance of Dundee

Inside Hôtel Nord Pinus

Louise Desrosiers/Vega Mg

The move follows a royal pardon. While the last king, Hassan, played to his devout Islamic constituency by beggaring the place, leaving it to stew in its licentiousness, his son Mohammed has set out to revive this city at the juncture of Europe and Africa, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. It's...

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Morocco : What better way to see Tangier than through the ...

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Morocco : What better way to see Tangier than through the eyes of the French Master? During a visit in 1912, he set up his easel in the room of his hotel and was instantly inspired by North Africa's vivid colors and sharp contrasts of light and shadow (below, "Landscape Viewed From a Window").

May 20, 1990 |LUREE MILLER | Miller is a...

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The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Morocco - Culture Trip

Anahit Behrooz

Updated: 12 June 2017

Full of color, warmth and charm, Morocco  overflows with beauty, from the dramatic Atlas Mountains stretching throughout the country, to the sparkling azure sea contrasting with the yellows and golds of the desert sands. The country is also home to uncountable beautiful towns, each adding to Morocco's unique landscape and culture. Here are the 10 of the...

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