Story Terra: Picasso - The Weeping Woman (1937)

Critique by Judy Winters

Subject: Dora Maar - A model regularly featured in many of Picasso's paintings.

Technique: Oil on canvas

Genre: Cubism, abstract, portrait

Location: Tate Gallery, London (

Estimated value (2014):�$120 million *Based on the sales of Picasso's other works and adjusted for inflation & value appreciation.

Popular Verdict (based on polls): 28% Liked, 53% Disliked, 19% Neutral

Google Trends: Ranks higher than Gordon's Gin�but much...

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Date: 2017-12-20 07:17:39

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A smile on the face behind a Weeping Woman - Arts ...

Pablo Picasso's 1941 painting of his mistress, Dora Maar with Cat , has sold for $US95.2 million ($A123.9 million) at Sotheby's in New York.

It wasn't a record for a Picasso: two years ago his 1905 masterpiece Boy with a Pipe sold at auction for $US104.2 million, the top price ever paid for a painting.

But it's still good news if you happen to have a painting of Dora Maar. The previous record for...

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Picasso Portrait Pieces | iPad Art Room

Picasso The Weeping Woman 1937 (source:

Creativity, collaboration, movement and a little madness - ingredients for an exciting visual art lesson!

While a 1:1 learning environment certainly can have some advantages for learning, shared devices and considered lesson design can provide valuable opportunities for students to collaborate in art-making...

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