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Page Two: Currency and Getting To Morocco (By Ferry, Air, Land)

Page Three: Getting Around Morocco (By Train, Air, Bus, Car)

Getting to Morocco and Money Matters

Find out how to get to Morocco by air, land and sea. For in depth information about ferries to and from Spain see: Getting from Spain to Morocco .

Getting to Morocco

By Air

Morocco has three main international airports: Casablanca,...

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Meknes - Wikipedia

Main article: Meknès Prefecture

Meknes is the seat of the prefecture of Meknès, which consists of 6 municipalities (including the city Meknes) and 15 rural communes. [11]

Main sights

The following map depicts some of the monuments in the old Medina and a general view over the old and new parts of Meknes.

Monumental map of the city of Meknes

Médina - Historic City

Aerial view of the west part...

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Rabat in Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaer, Morocco - By Morocco Channel

City finder

Journey to the Capital of Morocco - Rabat

Rabat is home to the Moroccan government as well as a hub of traditional cuisine and architecture and much more. Well worth a visit! The Ville Nouvelle has beautiful modern French-built hotels. For a capital city, Rabat is very quiet and offers a number of excellent restaurants, clubs and pubs.

Rabat is the second biggest city after Casablanca...

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