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Article and photos by David Kier

Located in the very center of the peninsula is a beautiful painted cave that is a great reward for the short, but steep hike. This is perhaps the furthest north example of giant humans painted on a cave wall, similar to those of the Sierra de San Francisco made famous by Erle Stanley Gardner in the 1960's. The native Indians that were on the peninsula when the...

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The History of Visual Communication - Caves and Rocks

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The Cro-Magnons

form the earliest known European examples of Homo sapiens, from ca. 40,000 years ago, chromosomally descending from populations of the Middle East. Cro-Magnons lived from about 40,000 to 10,000 years ago in the Upper Paleolithic period of the Pleistocene epoch. For all intents and purposes these people...

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Cave Paintings - Parietal Art of the Ancient World

Cave Art - What Archaeologists Have Learned

Parietal Art of the Ancient World

by K. Kris Hirst

Updated March 08, 2017

Cave art, also called parietal art or cave painting , is a general term referring to the decoration of the walls of rockshelters and caves throughout the world. The best-known sites are in the Upper Paleolithic (UP)of Europe, where polychrome (multi-colored) paintings made of...

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Lascaux Cave Constellations -

Shaman Constellation

The so-called "Shaman" or "Sorcerer" figure is from a cavern at Trois-Freres in France, Figure 1,�was first interpreted to be a human in a shaman's costume, performing a dance or ritual.� It is clear, however, that the same constellation that represents the Great Lion on the Gobekli Tepe page is also the basis of this Sorcerer cave painting.� This is shown in Figure...

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Ancient Cave Painting Depict Alien and a Permeable ...

In past we reported, Ancient Cave Paintings Depicting Aliens, UFO and Wormhole Found In Madhya Pradesh, India � and 10000 Year old alien Italy cave painting .

Now in latest development,� 6000� Year Old painting depict Alien and a Permeable, Layered Cosmological Map found in caves in US.

An unknown symbol similar to those appearing in early religious drawings is seen in this undated handout...

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Lascaux, France. - Ancient-Wisdom


   Lascaux Cave:

In addition to the painted images, Lascaux is rich with engravings of animals as well as abstract designs. It has long been argued that in the absence of natural light, these works could only have been created with the aid of torches and stone lamps filled with animal fat, however new research has suggested that the parts of the caves...

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The Sorcerer (cave art) - Wikipedia

Breuil's drawing[ edit ]

Henri Breuil asserted that the cave painting represented a shaman or magician -- an interpretation which gives the image its name -- and described the image he drew in these terms.[ citation needed ] Margaret Murray having seen the published drawing called Breuil's image 'the first depiction of a deity on earth', an idea which Breuil and others later adopted.

His views...

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The Lascaux cave paintings discovered | History Today


The Paleolithic illustrations were found on September 12th, 1940.

One of archaeology's most exciting discoveries was made by four French teenagers and possibly a dog. Versions of the story differ in detail, but Marcel Ravidat, Jacques Marsal, Georges Agnel and Simon Coencas came across a hole in the ground in woods near the village of Montignac in the Dordogne region of south-west...

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The shaman’s journey | The Chronicle Herald

The morning mist held special meaning to the ancient Celts. Suspended water particles represented a threshold -- a doorway between everyday reality and the world where spirits dwell.

Inside a tent with 20 others, David Cameron makes this point as he takes a soaking branch from a tub of water and prepares to splash the red-hot basalt rocks submerged in the tent centre. As were his distant...

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