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Both Tunis and Sousse tend to be where the largest and most notable galleries are situated, offering a taster of Tunisian and North African art.

In Sousse, the Dar Am Taieb Museum of Contemporary Art stands out, while in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, much-visited galleries include both the B'Chira Art Centre and the National Centre of Living Art at Belvedere Park. Also found in Tunis is the...

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Graffiti artists show their support for the Tunisian ...

Our paintings usually represent famous political figures or martyrs of the revolution,  but we also use designs by Banksy (the famous British graffiti artist). On  April 9, which is Martyr's day in Tunisia, we teamed up with several NGOs to paint portraits of Mohamed Bouazizi [the young man who sparked the nation-wide uprising after he set himself on fire to protest corruption in his country] and other martyrs of the revolution on the walls of Tunis.


"We play cat and mouse with the police"


All of this is obviously risky. We play cat and mouse with the police. We often take advantage of demonstrations to do our drawings because at...

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One Village, 150 Street Artists: A Sleepy Tunisian Town ...

Everywhere you turn in Er-Riadh, there's art. It's everywhere. The ancient village on the Tunisian island of Djerba, has spent the last several months of high summer being slowly transformed from a sleepy, traditional little corner of North Africa that has never heard of street art, into a world stage for one of the most vibrant and ambitious street art projects ever imagined.

Photography by...

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