Stone Age: Facts and Information - Primary Facts

Here are some facts about the Stone Age.

The Stone Age began about 3.7 million years ago, and lasted until about 2000 BC. This long period was one in which stone was widely used to make tools or utensils.

Archaeologists divide the Stone Age into three periods: Paleolithic, Mesolithic and then Neolithic. About 99 percent of humans' time on earth took place during the Paleolithic period.

The Paleolithic age saw humans use stones to bash, hit and scrape. By the end of the Paleolithic era, humans had learned to make sharp tools, and lived together in small groups.

One of the oldest...

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The Stone Age | Facts For Kids, History « Kinooze

The Stone Age was a time thousands of years ago, when early humans lived in caves and jungles. Life was simple, and there were only two main things to do - to protect themselves from the wild animals and to gather food. It started almost with the evolution of mankind.

For both purposes, people made tools from stone.�The oldest stone tool that we have as an evidence is almost 3.4 million years...

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The Oldest Art: Cave Wall Paintings - softpedia

The Oldest Art: Cave Wall Paintings


Feb 14, 2008 14:27 GMT аиа By Stefan Anitei аиа


The first Homo sapiens employed caves against the cold or the hot weather, or to shelter against rains and wild beasts. Even chimps in Senegal were found to use caves against heat and rain.

But what is more important is that caves have preserved many aspects of the life of the Paleolithic...

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First Neanderthal cave paintings discovered in Spain | New ...

First Neanderthal cave paintings discovered in Spain

By Fergal MacErlean

Cave paintings in Malaga, Spain, could be the oldest yet found - and the first to have been created by Neanderthals.

Looking oddly akin to the DNA double helix, the images in fact depict the seals that the locals would have eaten, says José Luis Sanchidrián at the University of Cordoba, Spain. They have "no parallel in...

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Stone Age - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Tools and weapons during the Stone Age were not made exclusively of stone: organic materials such as antler, bone, fibre, leather, and wood were also employed.�

There is evidence suggesting that the 2.5 million year limit for stone tool manufacture might be pushed further back. The reason is that the capacity of tool use and even its manufacture is not exclusive of our species: there are...

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Prehistoric Times []

Artifacts, by the way, are not facts about art. Rather, artifacts are things created by humans (tools, vases, clothing) for practical purposes.

Can You Dig It?

Digging into our ancestors' past is hard work. Records of human life were not kept millions of years ago. What was life like for cavepeople in the Stone Age? Did Fred Flintstone actually wear leopard skin suits and eat brontosaurus...

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Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld - Philip Coppens


Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld

What possessed our ancestors to paint inside the deepest reaches of caves? According to new research, the answer is to be found in the shamanic visions, possibly identifying the first creation of sacred space, for contact with the divine.

Philip Coppens

Many authors claim that it is a "fact" that...

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Space Aliens In Australia - Mysterious Australia

Australasian Post, September 11, 1986

Space Aliens In Australia

In a rock shelter in the NSW Blue Mountains 20 years ago, I came across a mysterious Aboriginal carving. Etched into the rock it appeared to depict a human-like figure seated in an airborne vehicle. Flying saucer enthusiasts would take this carving as clear evidence that astronauts...

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Early Humans - Ms. McClure's Class

Social Studies : Early Humans

Who's Who of Early Man - Learn about the different groups of early humans, when these groups lived, and what distinguishes one group from another.

Smithsonian Human Origins - Expand your understanding of early humans by exploring this extensive site, which includes interactives, videos, a human family tree, the newest scientific research, and much more.

Historical Tour:  Prehistoric - Peruse this excellent, concise overview of early humans, written in outline format.

Science Daily:  Early Human News - Read the latest scientific information about early humans or explore past articles about early humans.

KidsPast: ...

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Are mermaids real? - National Ocean Service

Home Ocean Facts Are mermaids real?

Are mermaids real?

No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.

Statue of a sailor mermaid from Portsmouth, Virginia.

Mermaids - those half-human, half-fish sirens of the sea -- are legendary sea creatures chronicled in maritime cultures since time immemorial. The ancient Greek epic poet Homer wrote of them in The Odyssey. In the ancient Far East, mermaids were the wives of powerful sea-dragons, and...

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Australian Aboriginal Art Discovered in Rock Shelter ...

Aged Australian Aboriginal art discovered at Narwala Gabarnmang rock shelter.

News Source

Heritage Daily: " Australia's Oldest Rock Art Discovered by USQ Researcher "

In the Arnhem Land plateau area of in Australia's Northern Territory, in a place so remote it is best reached by helicopter, is Narwala Gabarnmang, the "Sistine Chapel of rock art sites." Discovered during a 2006 survey sponsored by...

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Show Caves of Spain: Altamira

reopened on a strictly limited basis.


enrolled on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


first dating of the paintings with the

  C14-dating resulted in about 14,000 years.


Altamira II, a nearby artificial reproduction inaugurated by Spains King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.



Image: one of the numerous bisons.

The Altamira Cave consists of a series of rooms and...

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Paleolithic - World History--Stone Age

The Stone Age

Prehistoric cultural stage, or level of human development, characterized by the creation and use of stone tools.

Robert A. Guisepi


Archaeology is concerned with the origins and development of early human culture between the first appearance of man as a tool-using mammal, which is believed to have occurred about 600,000 or 700,000 years ago, and the beginning...

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10 Genuine Proofs that Show Humans Existed More Than 5,000 ...

Unbelievable Facts Aug 26, 2017

For a long time, scientists have tried to find the exact time during which homo sapiens started roaming the earth. Archaeological evidence has given us various clues, but finding an exact date is an extremely arduous task.  So, we can only make guesses as to the time frame during which the anatomically-modern human first set its foot in this world. Here are 10...

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Caveman - Wikipedia

4 References

Basis of archetype[ edit ]

Cavemen are typically portrayed as wearing shaggy animal hides, and capable of cave painting like behaviourally modern humans of the last glacial period . Anachronistically, they are simultaneously shown armed with rocks or cattle bone clubs, unintelligent, and aggressive. Popular culture also frequently represents cavemen as living with or alongside...

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Lenggong - Wikipedia

Archaeology[ edit ]

Malaysia is considered a very young country archaeologically with a very recent prehistory. In Africa, the predecessors of the human species originated about 3 - 5 million years ago. Their descendants migrated out of Africa and their prehistoric remains have been found all over Europe and Asia. Both Java Man and Peking Man date back to about 300,000 years ago. In Malaysia, the...

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Ancient Crete: The Minoan's - Cypriot's, Cyclades ...

Also known as the Minoan Civilization, named for the legendary King Minos.


The following are excerpts from the book "MYTHS OF CRETE & PRE-HELLENIC EUROPE By DONALD A. MACKENZIE" (1917). Like all White writers of history, he struggles to tell Black history, without actually mentioning Black people. As an example "Pre-Hellenic" actually means "Pre-Whites" as the Hellenes were the first of the...

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Fresco - Wikipedia

setting of the lime plaster : Ca(OH)2 + CO2 -> CaCO3 + H2O

A Roman fresco of a young man from the Villa di Arianna, Stabiae , 1st century AD.

In painting buon fresco, a rough underlayer called the arriccio is added to the whole area to be painted and allowed to dry for some days. Many artists sketched their compositions on this underlayer, which would never be seen, in a red pigment called...

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