Shamanism and Cave Art - YouTube

interdisciplinary seminar art project from studying the mysteries and relationships of shamanism and cave art....

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PPT – Paleolithic Cave Art PowerPoint presentation | free ...

Paleolithic Cave Art PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: 4961e-MWJmM

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Paleolithic Cave Art


An explanation that suggests cave art was a representation of Paleolithic hunting. ... Studied cave art as well as portable art to understand how much ecological ... - PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Paleolithic Cave...

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Cave Paintings - Parietal Art of the Ancient World

Cave Art - What Archaeologists Have Learned

Parietal Art of the Ancient World

by K. Kris Hirst

Updated March 08, 2017

Cave art, also called parietal art or cave painting , is a general term referring to the decoration of the walls of rockshelters and caves throughout the world. The best-known sites are in the Upper Paleolithic (UP)of Europe, where polychrome (multi-colored) paintings made of...

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Cave Paintings and Shamanism - Sam Woolfe

Monday, April 08, 2013

Cave paintings indicate a huge turning point in the evolution of the human race. They indicate the emergence of creativity and imagination. The origins of art distinguished us from all other animals and it reflects a radical change in our consciousness, since we started using symbols and images to represent our experiences. Jared Diamond says in his book The Third...

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Why did prehistoric people make cave art ... - Filthy ...

Why did prehistoric people make cave art?

Jul 23, 2013

by Adam Benton in Ancient technology

Humans have been painting caves for tens of thousands of years. It all started back in the European Upper Palaeolithic, around 35,000 years ago (and continued throughout that period).�But what motivated them to start drawing in the first place?

A lot of effort has been spent trying to figure that out....

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Introduction to the Cave Art Paintings of the Chauvet Cave

The Chauvet Cave is one of the most famous prehistoric rock art sites in the world. Located in the Ardeche region of southern France, along the bank of the river Ardeche near the Pont-d'Arc , this cave was only discovered as recently as 1994, happened upon by a small team of cavers led by Jean-Marie Chauvet. Chauvet Cave's importance is based on two factors: firstly, the aesthetic quality of...

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The Sorcerer (cave art) - Wikipedia

Breuil's drawing[ edit ]

Henri Breuil asserted that the cave painting represented a shaman or magician -- an interpretation which gives the image its name -- and described the image he drew in these terms.[ citation needed ] Margaret Murray having seen the published drawing called Breuil's image 'the first depiction of a deity on earth', an idea which Breuil and others later adopted.

His views...

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Shamans Of Painted Caves - Eden Saga - english

- Wilderness

Our time is over rational, logical to the absurd , devoid of any magic horizon. We forgot our right brain, which atrophies . We neglect the wonders it offers. We despise those who enjoy some, drug addicts , mystics and madmen.�

And yet ... Since ancient times, in all parts of the world,

many men and women have followed the path of the shaman.

�In what mysterious...

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Lascaux Cave Constellations -

Shaman Constellation

The so-called "Shaman" or "Sorcerer" figure is from a cavern at Trois-Freres in France, Figure 1,�was first interpreted to be a human in a shaman's costume, performing a dance or ritual.� It is clear, however, that the same constellation that represents the Great Lion on the Gobekli Tepe page is also the basis of this Sorcerer cave painting.� This is shown in Figure...

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Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld - Philip Coppens


Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld

What possessed our ancestors to paint inside the deepest reaches of caves? According to new research, the answer is to be found in the shamanic visions, possibly identifying the first creation of sacred space, for contact with the divine.

Philip Coppens

Many authors claim that it is a "fact" that...

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Shaman's Oracle - Aeclectic Tarot

The Shaman's Oracle has 52 cards inspired by prehistoric cave art from around the world. They represent one of...

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