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Selecting Between the Different Types of Art Paint ...

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are pigments combined with synthetic acrylic resins, such as epoxy, to create a water-based, fast-drying medium. Acrylics were first produced commercially during the 1950's, but only really gained popularity in the 60's. Many artist's loved it's ability to mimic the thin transparencies of watercolor, while also being able to be built up like oil paints, without...  [more...]

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Watercolor Video Lessons - Techniques For Painting Watercolors

Watercolor Video Lessons - Techniques For Painting Watercolors

Art lessons on Video; beginner through advanced.

Tutorials tips and techniques on how to paint with watercolor

Tips and techniques for beginner through advanced. These teaching videos,�lessons, tutorials and demonstrations are free to watch and share with friends and other artists. me.

Watercolor Paints - What...  [more...]

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Warmglass Enamels – Frequently Asked Questions

Q7: What is "Frit"? Is it the same as glass enamel?

A: No, the term "frit" refers essentially to crushed glass. The term has two common usages which can be confusing. The most common usage to glass kilnworkers is in reference to a crushed-glass product made by artglass manufacturers such as Bullseye or Spectrum. It may also be homemade by crushing scrap glass. The crushed glass frit from Bullseye...  [more...]

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Arabic Calligraphy Online | Islamic Wall Art Arabic ...

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Islamic arts Arabic paintings and Calligraphy

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Arabian Paintings - Arabian Oil Painting Reproduction and ...

�* Museum Collection by Famous Artists /

�* Examples of High Quality /

� �All images in the 3 subdirectories are

� �hand painted examples by...

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