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October 11, 2017


The plans should influence to your wall art. Is it modern or contemporary, minimalist, luxury, or classic? Contemporary and modern design has minimalist/clean lines and generally utilizes white color and different simple colors. Vintage furniture is elegant, it may be a bit formal with shades that vary from neutral to rich shades of green and other colors. When...

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Best of Morocco - Art Morocco

Morocco's contemporary art scene had a boost with the opening of some significant public-funded and private galleries as well as some key exhibitions showcasing Moroccan modern art abroad. Although foreign and diaspora collectors have always been important, Nadia Echiguer, Director of UK-based art dealers, Moroccan Fine Art, explains the role of a developing economy in the promotion and sale of...

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Culture of Morocco - Wikipedia

Main article: Moroccan architecture

Taraditonal Moroccan metalwork, Fes . 2004 photo

Dar, the name given to one of the most common types of domestic structures in Morocco, is a home found in a medina, or walled urban area of a city. Most Moroccan homes traditionally adhere to the Dar al-Islam, a series of tenets on Islamic domestic life. [2] Dar exteriors are typically devoid of ornamentation and...

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Matisse Art Gallery, Marrakech Gueliz - Espace Maroc


"Matisse Art Gallery promotes the whole Moroccan art, whether it's about oriental painters mainly of the beginning of the 20th century or contemporary artists".

Located in Guéliz, Matisse Art gallery is opened to all artists thanks to the inclusion of...

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Marrakech Art Galleries: Marrakech, Morocco - World Guides

There are many different places in Marrakech where visitors can come to appreciate Moroccan art. The Matisse Art Gallery is one of the foremost galleries within Marrakech and showcases both local Moroccan and international artists alike.

The Museum of the Friends of Marrakech is home to a selection of notable art galleries, with both the Fondation Culturelle Dar Bellarj and the Institut Francais...

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How to Choose Color Schemes for Moroccan Living Rooms ...

How to Choose Color Schemes for Moroccan Living Rooms

Decorative items from Morocco might inspire a color scheme.

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How to Design a Moroccan Inspired Bedroom

Choosing a color scheme for a Moroccan living room requires finding a connection between Moroccan palettes and your preferences and vision for the room. Moroccan-themed decorating draws on the mix of cultural influences in...

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Art in Marrakech – Matisse Art Gallery Les Borjs de la ...

Marrakech is a city rich in historic art and culture but one of the best galleries of contemporary art is the Matisse Art Gallery situated along the Passage Ghandouri (number 43, off 61 Rue Yougoslavie), not far from the central station.

For more than a decade Youssef Falaky, the gallery Director, has dedicated his time and energy to curating exhibitions that not only showcase the talent of some of Morocco's leading established artists (the likes of Claude Viallat, Farid Belkahia, Mahi Binebine, Nureddine Chater, Hassan El Glaoui) but also expose the work of up-and-coming creative...

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famous artist from morocco - General - HeyMorocco


) and several others. Chaibia was an ambassador of Moroccan arts .�

Chaibia received Gold medal of the�French Academic Society�for Education and Encouragement. in May 2003.Because of her arts she moved from a...

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