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Classical Arabic Music is proud to present the Classical Arabic Music Video Clips:

Samaii Muhayyar (Tunis TV Orchestra), Taqseem on the Qanoon (Ameen Khayyat), Soat al Sahara (Aawadh Doukhi), The Rababah


We hope that your...

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Traditional Arabic Music

Traditional Audio Music

A very diverse art form, Arabic Music, and later on, we will show the close relationship with Turkish and Persian Music, is listened to in a very vast region of the world.  From the Atlantic Ocean in North Africa to the far reaches of Central Asia, and from Asia Minor (present day Turkey and the Islamic Republics of the former Soviet Union) in the North, to Central Africa and the Arabian Peninsula in the South. 

 The Arabic Music as it's known today in the Near East and North Africa is the product of an evolutionary art form that may have started as far back...

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Ethiopian Music - Tigrai Tigringa Tigrinya Ethiopian Music ...

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Ethiopian Music Videos

Tigrai Online music page has the best Ethiopian and other African music videos and mp3 audio collections. We are adding great music videos and mps daily. We have 200 videos selected from the best Ethiopian You tube channels. If you know a great music video or mp3, email us the URL or the mp3 file and we will add it to our players. The music video player will play...

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