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Cities in Morocco

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Morocco Map — Morocco — Our Africa

Casablanca is Morocco's largest city as well as its chief port. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, it one of the most popular tourist cities in Morocco. A key attraction is the Hassan II Mosque, designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau and the third largest mosque in the world.

Atlas Mountains

The modern world seems far away in the snow-peaked mountains south of Marrakech, where in the...

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House Prices in Morocco | Moroccan Real Estate Prices

The cultural and physical attractions of Morocco centre on its traditional cities as Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, Casablanca, and Essaouira and on its one coastal resort, Agadir.


Marrakech was built in 1070 A.D.. It is famous for its palaces, open markets, and gardens. It is an extraordinarily exotic city, with its drama heightened by a location at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.


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Chefchouen - The Blue City of Morocco - Oddity Central

One of Morocco's most popular tourist destinations, Chefchaouen is most known for its blue-rinsed buildings and alleys, an old tradition leftover from the city's Jewish population.

Chefchaouen was founded by Moorish exiles from Spain, in 1471, as a small fortress to fend off the attacks of invading Portuguese forcess in northern Morocco. After the Spanish Reconquista, the small mountain town became one of the largest Moriscos and Jews �refuge sites, and during their stay they managed to leave their mark on it, one that makes the modern city so...

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The Major Cities of the World - Japan Space Systems



 Tokyo is the capital of Japan located on the eastern coast of Honshu Island at the head of Tokyo Bay. The city of Tokyo is the administrative, financial, educational, cultural and industrial center of Japan, surrounded by numerous suburban manufacturing complexes.



The Republic of Korea

Seoul is the capital of the Republic of Korea (South Korea), located in NW part of the...

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Mediterrania-Saidia in Saidia, Morocco. Morocco Property ...

Prices From Only: £73,540

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Location - About the Area

In the Moroccan province of Berkane, between Melilla and Algeria, lies Saïdia, home to our newest premier tourist complex of apartments and villas.

Nestled amid the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea , Morocco emerges as a welcoming place, stimulating...

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