Henri Matisse Paintings of Fauvism, and Oil Painting ...

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Henri Matisse, Goldfish – Smarthistory

Henri Matisse, Goldfish, 1912, oil on canvas, 146 x 97 cm (Pushkin Museum of Art, Moscow)

Goldfish were introduced to Europe from East Asia in the 17th century. From around 1912, goldfish became a recurring subject in the work of Henri Matisse. They appear in no less than nine of his paintings, as well as in his drawings and prints. Goldfish, 1912 belongs to a series that Matisse produced between...

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Chasing Matisse - Author James Morgan travels to France ...

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The Travel Itinerary

Beginning in November 2002, Morgan's adventure led him from Henri Matisse's birthplace in Picardy all through France, Corsica, and Morocco.

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Seeing Like an Artist

'Everything that we see in our daily life is more or less distorted by acquired habits, and this is perhaps more evident in an age like ours when cinema posters and magazines present us every day with a flood of readymade images which are to the eye what prejudices are to the mind. The effort to see things without...

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Morocco : What better way to see Tangier than through the ...

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Morocco : What better way to see Tangier than through the eyes of the French Master? During a visit in 1912, he set up his easel in the room of his hotel and was instantly inspired by North Africa's vivid colors and sharp contrasts of light and shadow (below, "Landscape Viewed From a Window").

May 20, 1990 |LUREE MILLER | Miller is a...

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