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Old City and Medina, Morocco; The shopping in this beautiful blue town is one of its biggest tourist attractions. The Culture Trip knows all.

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Yellow in different cultures (Life in Yellow. Wisdom and perfect Joy. Feel the atmosphere of...

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Travelling in Old City, Fez - Desert Morocco Adventure

If you are the one who really loves travelling, then you should visit the old city, Fez in Morocco. Maybe you have known many places with an incredible thing, but this old city is going to give you something unforgettable. As you know that Morocco is  a Muslim country in Africa and this country is really unique. The thing that makes this country unique because it is influenced by three different...

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Morocco’s old City, Medina of Fez, to undergo €30 million ...

The city of Fez, one of the oldest in Morocco, will undergo a revamping worth EUR30 million, in a bid that will help offer better living conditions for 4,000 inhabitants. During this program, a total of 3,666 houses that faces collapsing will be renovated.

The Moroccan Agency for Development and Rehabilitation (Ader) announced, during their 25th anniversary, that 143 of the 3,666 houses targeted will be destroyed...

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Moroccan Discovery | Odysseys Unlimited

This land of dramatic contrasts invites us to encounter its ancient ruins and sacred mosques, endless desert and storied mountains, imposing kasbahs and spirited souks. As we travel from the imperial cities of Rabat, Fez, and Marrakech to the High Atlas and vast Sahara, we open our eyes, and hearts, to a truly foreign land, an age-old culture, and genuinely hospitable people.

Small Group Tour...

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Morocco: Cities and Transportation | InterNations

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Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco with a population of 3.6 million. The town's history stretches back to the 12th century when Spanish merchants began to settle there in the 18th century and renamed the existing city Casablanca. During the French colonial period, Casablanca became Morocco's chief port.

Today Casablanca is the commercial and industrial...

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Morocco Tour: Journey to Marrakech & Fez | National ...

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From atop the highest dunes in Morocco, peer across the sands to watch the sun rise over another North African day. Experience such highlights during a nine-day adventure to the country's top spots. Discover the fresh cedar forests of the Atlas Mountains, meander the winding lanes of old Marrakech, and ride into the desert on a 4x4. Meet musicians, Berbers, and...

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