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Ryder is known for her relationship with actor Johnny Depp throughout the early 1990s. Winona Ryder also received noteworthy media attention for her participation in ...

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Welcome to Algeria — Algeria — Our Africa

Hello. My name is Manal. Welcome to Algeria.

My friends and I would like to show you around Algiers, the capital of Algeria.

Algiers is a beautiful city, built around a large crescent-shaped harbour. It lies on the Mediterranean coast, where most Algerians live. Much of Algeria is made up of the Sahara desert.

From out to sea, the capital of Algeria looks peaceful and the white buildings along...

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Free Famous People Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Famous People Trivia Quiz Questions

The Shoe was a nickname for which jockey?

A: Bill Shoemaker.

Al Fatah was co-founded in 1957 by which Palestinian?

�A: Yasser Arafat.

Which US President once said, "I know I'm getting better at golf because I'm hitting fewer spectators?"

�A: Gerald Ford.

Which golfer Nick Faldo. announced he was leaving his wife and three children for whom in 1996?

�A: Brenna Cepalak

Argentina was led through most of the 1990s by whom?

�A: Carlos Menem.

Standard Oil was founded by what famous businessman?

�A: John D. Rockefeller.

What country...

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Algeria Famous Landmarks, Tourist Attractions & Best ...

Officially known as the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, this North African country is considered the second largest country on the entire African continent and the largest on the Mediterranean Sea. In the past, Algeria was a popular destination, but the civil war in 1992 affected the tourism industry. Tourism began to improve in small increments early in 2000.The Sahara region covered by Algerian territory became accessible to visitors. Independent travel have become unpopular since the threat of abductions in 2003.

Despite the lack of visitors, Algeria remains to be a...

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