Famous Cave Paintings Might Not Be From Humans | KNKX

The famous paintings on the walls of caves in Europe mark the beginning of figurative art and a great leap forward for human culture.

But now a novel method of determining the age of some of those cave paintings questions their provenance. Not that they're fakes -- only that it might not have been modern humans who made them.

The first European cave paintings are thought to have been made over...

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Date: 2017-12-20 11:21:39
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Spanish researchers discover 30,000 year-old cave paintings

Researchers have discovered four new sets of cave paintings in Cantabria, northern Spain, the oldest of which was made nearly 30,000 years ago - making it one of the earliest known examples of prehistoric art in the world.

The team from the Museum of Prehistory of Cantabria, led by Spanish prehistorian Roberto Ontañón, used cutting-edge imaging techniques to identify the drawings.

Twenty years ago, a speleologist - a scientist who studies caves - had informed archaeologists of the possible existence of ancient paintings in various rock cavities in Cantabria. However, the techniques available at the time were not sufficient...

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Cave Clues | crayola.com


A cave is an underground space with little or no light and constant moisture. Ask students what other environmental characteristics they can find about caves. What traits would be important or unnecessary for animals that live in caves? How about eyesight or bright skin color? What do caves provide for animals or people? What else besides safety, shelter, protection from weather, and...

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Cave art in Asturias, Spain. | spain.info in english

Asturias Cave Paradise: the legacy of prehistory.

Idol of Peña Tú

Autonomous region: Asturias

There are many ways to learn about prehistory, but we recommend one so real that you will be fascinated. Join us on a full tour of the sites, caves and museums with prehistoric art to be found in the east of Asturias, one of the most beautiful regions in Green Spain. Discover the mark of your ancestors...

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Ancient cave paintings threatened by tourist plans | New ...

Prehistoric paintings in northern Spain could be irreparably damaged if plans to reopen the Altamira cave to tourists go ahead. Local officials want to reopen the cave to boost the local economy, but visitors could heat the caves and introduce microbes that destroy pigments.

The Altamira cave paintings were discovered in 1879 and are thought to be at least 14,000 years old. The paintings have...

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Did Humans Or Neanderthals Make These Cave Paintings?

This question and others tantalize researchers investigating early paintings in some of Europe's caves. The paintings date...

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Human Origins: Southwest France and Northern Spain ...

Expedition Details

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Trace the footsteps of early humans as we explore the cradle of civilization in southwest France and on Spain's northern coast. On an expedition designed with paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson, examine carvings and cave paintings that illustrate life up to 40,000 years ago. From the Dordogne to Basque Country, stay in beautiful medieval towns that dot these...

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Lascaux Cave: Deciphering the Chinese Horse - Ancient Digger

> Lascaux Cave: Deciphering the Chinese Horse

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lascaux Cave: Deciphering the Chinese Horse

The species of animal that captured my attention in the Lascaux cave was the Third Chinese Horse. Judging from the anatomical positioning of the limbs and the contours of the mane and thigh region, I am positive that the animal can be contributed to the equine family. However, I do not...

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Date: 2017-12-16 11:54:17
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Bhimbetka rock shelters - Wikipedia

Location[ edit ]

The Rock Shelters of Bhimbetaka (or Bhim Baithaka) lies 9�km from Obedullaganj city in the Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh and 45 kilometers south of Bhopal at the southern edge of the Vindhya hills. South of these rock shelters are successive ranges of the Satpura hills.

The entire area is covered by thick vegetation, has abundant natural resources in its perennial water...

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The Descent into the Cave - The Shamanistic-Visionary ...


When the idea of a religious interpretation of Palaeolithic cave art was first suggested during the second half of the last century it was not well received, to say the least. Today, with the developments in psychology, neurosciences, ethnology, anthropology and archaeology, the shamanistic element in the cave decorations is ever more widely (though not universally) accepted....

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Photo realism landscape paintings by Michael Sass, New ...


Michael Sass paints landscape realism in pastels and oils although his preference is for the versatility of pastel with its enormous range of colours, its permanence and non-fade qualities. Michael's forte is his ability to paint extra-large pastel paintings in landscape realism.� His attention to detail enhances his love of painting rocky rivers and lakes so that the rocks and pebbles can...

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Could Cave Carving Be First Neanderthal Art? - Seeker

Could Cave Carving Be First Neanderthal Art?

Possibly the first known example of Neanderthal rock art has been discovered in a seaside cave on the Rock of Gibraltar, archaeologists say.


Around 39,000 years ago, a Neanderthal huddled in the back of a seaside cave at Gibraltar, safe from the hyenas, lions and leopards that might have prowled outside. Under the flickering light of a campfire,...

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Pileta Paleolithic Cave Paintings at Benaojan | Ronda, the ...

Ronda Today

A few kilometres from Ronda, just outside the white village of Benaojan lies one of the most spectacular cave systems in Spain, and in the mouth of one, several galleries of cave paintings that are as old as 30,000 years, and were created by paleolithic people of Ronda before the last great ice age. Best of all, the caves are open to the public with a local tour guide to explain the...

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Cave of El Castillo - Wikipedia

Caves of Monte Castillo

The Cueva de El Castillo, or the Cave of the Castle, is an archaeological site within the complex of the Caves of Monte Castillo , and is located in Puente Viesgo , in the province of Cantabria , Spain . It contains the oldest known cave art in Europe. Some researchers argue this might even be the oldest known example of artwork in the world and possibly a product of Homo...

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Cave of Altamira in Santillana del Mar, Spain: Monuments ...

World Heritage, a certification granted by UNESCO.


Important examples of prehistoric rock art

The paintings are some 14,000 years old and have the World Heritage designation.

The cave has an irregular shape and is some 270 metres in length. It has an entrance hall, main gallery and side hall, and contains some of the world's finest examples of prehistoric rock art. The drawings are some 14,000 years old and show...

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Ancient Crete: The Minoan's - Cypriot's, Cyclades ...

Also known as the Minoan Civilization, named for the legendary King Minos.


The following are excerpts from the book "MYTHS OF CRETE & PRE-HELLENIC EUROPE By DONALD A. MACKENZIE" (1917). Like all White writers of history, he struggles to tell Black history, without actually mentioning Black people. As an example "Pre-Hellenic" actually means "Pre-Whites" as the Hellenes were the first of the...

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Early Humans - Ms. McClure's Class

Social Studies : Early Humans

Who's Who of Early Man - Learn about the different groups of early humans, when these groups lived, and what distinguishes one group from another.

Smithsonian Human Origins - Expand your understanding of early humans by exploring this extensive site, which includes interactives, videos, a human family tree, the newest scientific research, and much more.

Historical Tour:  Prehistoric - Peruse this excellent, concise overview of early humans, written in outline format.

Science Daily:  Early Human News - Read the latest scientific information about early humans or explore past articles about early humans.

KidsPast: ...

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Cantabria guide | Information Santander | Altamira Caves ...

Cantabria is the hidden jewel of Spain. This tiny autonomous region of Cantabria in Northern Spain is one of the Iberian Peninsula's hidden jewels, largely overlooked by the mass market tourist industry.

Most British holidaymakers arriving by ferry at the Cantabrian capital of Santander only catch a glimpse of this gorgeous region through the car window as they pass through en route to one of the...

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10 Huge Prehistoric Cats - Listverse

Before man became a hunter and made his way to the top of the food chain, the Felidae, or cats, were the most successful, powerful predators in most of the world. Even today, big cats such as tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards keep causing admiration and fear, but these magnificent beasts are dwarfed by some of their extinct relatives. I give you ten of prehistory's largest, mightiest cats, some...

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Historic monuments in France - About-France.com

Les Baux de Provence , near Avignon

Village of Riquewihr ( Alsace ) , Normandy

Notre Dame cathedral, Reims ( Champagne )

Notre-Dame cathedral, Chartres ( Centre )

The Pont du Gard (near Nimes, Languedoc )

The Arc de Triomphe, Paris 

Palace of the Popes , Avignon, Provence

Basilique de Vézelay, Burgundy

The top 20 most visited monuments in France are not necessarily the twenty most interesting...

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Altamira Caves

Do you agree with the current way the tickets to access the Altamira Caves are being auctioned?



The mission of this website is to collect opinions on whether we should be able to auction part of the admissions to the Altamira caves.

As a citizen of the world I would like to gather the information of the eternal dichotomy: to preserve and maintain with the common sense that we have...

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Aquitaine regional information and tourist attractions ...

A mine of information about life and living in France, including working in France, living in France, food and eating, education, shopping.

Main tourist attractions and sites in Aquitaine

Vineyard at St. Emilion - photo J Menichini

Stay on a Bordeaux wine estate :

a select choice of some active wine estates in Aquitaine offering cellar visits, wine tasting and hotel or b&b accommodation.


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Evolution of Modern Humans: Early Modern Human Culture

 4¼ inches (10.8 cm.) long


If calendars were being made, it implies that some people were recognizing the cyclical nature of the seasons.  To people dependent on seasonally available foods and migrating herds, a calendar would have allowed more accurate predictions that would make the food quest more efficient.  Also of great value to Upper Paleolithic hunters and gatherers would...

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Neolithic vs Paleolithic - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

A reconstruction of the head from a skull of a Paleolithic man excavated from Gongwangling, Lantian County.


Paleolithic people were hunter-gatherers. They were nomads who lived in tribes and relied on hunting, fishing and gathering wild fruits. They hunted animals like bison , mammoths , bears and deer . Meat was a source of food and animal hide was used to make clothes. They lived in...

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