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Paintings depict large wild animals including deer and bull like creatures kimberley australia ancient aliens these cave paintings dogs have been earing in artw cave painting of man and dog aboriginal elder with scars on his chest and ancient cave paintings 7 new bizarre amazing animal news stories cave paintingrock paintingancient

Ufos And Aliens In Ancient Art The Ghost Diaries

Cave Painting Prehistoric Characteristics Origins Types

Art That S Gone To The Dogs Austin Blanton Museum Of

Art From The Past 10 Of Best Ancient Cave Paintings...

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Indian Cave Paintings - India the Destiny

Indian Cave Paintings Brief History:

Indian Cave Paintings played an important role to know the Prehistorically Indian history and the lifestyle of ancient people in India. These Indian cave paintings are very ancient and some dated back to thousands of years. During the British rule, the British were failed to record these cave paintings. Even the Indian government also not interested in...

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Lascaux cave | Lascaux Dordogne, your holidays in Perigord ...

Lascaux cave

The Lascaux cave

In 1940, The Lascaux cave (Not the Lascaux Caves) was " found" by four Périgourdin young boys (from Montignac). Montignac is situated in the Vézère Valley in the Département of Dordogne-Périgord.

After the Second World War, Lascaux was open to the public for several years until 1963. Many visitors came to visit the site, around 1500 visitors a day, but the carbon dioxide in the human breath soon began to damage the prehistoric paintings of the painted cave.

Today, the original Lascaux cave is closed. The...

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20 Most Fascinating Prehistoric Cave Paintings - Oddee

The earliest known European cave paintings date to 32,000 years ago. Join us to discover the top twenty most fascinating prehistoric cave paintings.

1Lascaux Cave Paintings: the prehistoric Sistine Chapel

Known as "the prehistoric Sistine Chapel," the Lascaux Caves, a cave complex in southwestern France, contain some of the most remarkable paleolithic cave paintings in the world, from at least...

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Original Oil Paintings for sale by Artist Larry Wall ...

Affordable - Simply Just Call & Talk With Me Personally

Larry Wall (206) 367-6404

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Original Acrylic - 12" X 16"

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Original Acrylic - 16" X 20"

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Gallery Wrapped Giclee on Canvas


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The Cave Paintings of Tassili n'Ajjer: Proof of Ancient ...

The Cave Paintings of Tassili n'Ajjer depict mysterious creatures with helmets gloves and strange suits

According to many researchers and the ancient astronaut theory, the mysterious cave paintings of Tassili could prove to be the best evidence of extraterrestrial beings present on Earth in the distant past. The incredible cave paintings are found in the Tassili Plateau, southern Algeria, in the...

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Lascaux Caves, France |Pictures Of Most Beautiful & One Of ...

Lascaux ii (montignac, france) on tripadvisor address, phone lascaux ii, montignac see reviews, articles, and photos of lascaux ii, the cave copy was beautiful much better than i imagined it would be. Before the tour begins there is a sign saying noisy children will be asked to leave, here are some more compilation of topics and latest discussions relates to this video, which we found...

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Prehistoric art in France - France This Way

You are here: Culture French artists Prehistoric art

The story of French art starts with the cave paintings.

Frequently painted in dark, damp conditions, the cave paintings were (and are) an astonishing achievement.

Dating back 25,000 years, possibly even 30,000 years, the paintings most commonly represented animals - often the animals that were being hunted at that time, but sometimes invented...

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10 Prehistoric Cave Paintings (with Photos & Map) - Touropia

The prehistoric cave paintings are estimated to be between 11,000 and 5,000 years old. They show cows in ceremonial robes accompanied by humans, domesticated dogs and even a giraffe. The cave paintings are excellently preserved and retain their clear outlines and strong colors.

5.�Tadrart Acacus

wikipedia/ Roberto D'Angelo

Tadrart Acacus form a mountain range in the Sahara desert of western...

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cave painting PowerPoint PPT Presentations - PowerShow

Featured Presentations

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Title: Prehistoric Cave Paintings Author: jeff nisbet Last modified by: jeff nisbet Created Date: 8/24/2011 1:37:30 AM Document presentation format

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Lascaux Cave Paintings 15,000B.C. Deer - Chauvet Cave Paintings 35,000 (or is it 15,000?) B.C. rhino - Chauvet Cave Paintings leopard - Chauvet Cave Paintings Nike...

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About - Cave Paintings | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Cave Paintings is an entirely unofficial wiki without the approval or involvement of ABC, ABC Studios, Double Vision, Television 360, or anyone else associated with the production. All official Cavemen media is copyright its original owners.

While Cave Paintings always aims...

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History of the Lascaux Caves - Les Eyzies Tourist Info

The Lascaux Caves in the Dordogne region of southwest France contain some of the oldest and finest prehistoric art in the world. The cave paintings, which mainly depict animals, are some 17,000 years old and seem to have a ritual purpose. For preservation reasons, the public may only visit a well-executed replica called Lascaux II.

History of Lascaux

Radiocarbon dating of charcoal and other...

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History of the Lascaux Cave | Les Eyzies de Tayac

The Lascaux Caves in the Dordogne region of southwest France contain some of the oldest and finest prehistoric art in the world. The cave paintings, which mainly depict animals, are some 17,000 years old and seem to have a ritual purpose. For preservation reasons, the public may only visit a well-executed replica called Lascaux II.

History of Lascaux

Radiocarbon dating of charcoal and other...

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Lascaux caves France travel and tourism, attractions and ...


The world famous caves at Lascaux are found near Montignac , 30km north of Sarlat in the Dordogne.

Although they are not the oldest cave paintings in France, or the most extensive, and visitors see a faithful reproduction rather than the originals, they are still an immensely popular attraction, and highly recommended as one of the highlights of your visit to...

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Introduction to the Cave Art Paintings of the Chauvet Cave

The Chauvet Cave is one of the most famous prehistoric rock art sites in the world. Located in the Ardeche region of southern France, along the bank of the river Ardeche near the Pont-d'Arc , this cave was only discovered as recently as 1994, happened upon by a small team of cavers led by Jean-Marie Chauvet. Chauvet Cave's importance is based on two factors: firstly, the aesthetic quality of...

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Cave Paintings of Lascaux - B&B La Borie Chic

Lascaux is the setting of a complex of caves in southwestern France famous for its cave paintings. The original caves are located near the village of Montignac, in the Dordogne département. They contain some of the most well-known Upper Paleolithic art. These paintings are estimated to be 16,000 years old. They primarily consist of realistic images of large animals, most of which are known from...

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Cave Paintings in Indonesia Redraw Picture of Earliest Art

Cave paintings on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi were found more than 50 years ago, but until now the dates of origin were not known. The art shown here has not been dated, but is stylistically similar to other art in the area now found to be around 40,000 years old.

Photograph by Maxime Aubert, Griffith University, Australia

A hand painted in an Indonesian cave dates to at least 39,900 years...

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Date: 2017-12-15 04:27:17

Rock (Art) of Ages: Indonesian Cave Paintings Are 40,000 ...

The Secrets of Earth's History May Be in Its Caves

For now, all we know is when the caves were painted--or at least ballpark dates--and the finding suggests that the practice of lining cave walls with pictures of natural life was common 40,000 years ago. A study published today in Nature suggests that paintings in the Maros-Pangkep caves range from 17,400 to 39,900 years old, close to the age...

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Visit the Altamira Caves in Cantabria, Spain - a visitors ...

Altamira Caves

Visit Altamira Caves

The Alatamira Caves are in the province of Cantabria in the region of Asturias and Cantabria . The caves are are 2km from the lovely village of Santillana del Mar .

Visit the Altamira Caves

The Altamira Caves contain some of the best pre-historic paintings in the world. They were painted by the Magdalenian people around 15,000 years ago.

The paintings are...

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Australian Cave paintings may be the oldest on the planet

Scholars believe that the history of the earliest human cultures in Australia dates back to a period that could go from 50,000 to 80,000 years ago before the arrival of Europeans. Before colonization, there were hundreds of aboriginal groups calling Australia their homeland, each with its own artistic tradition, culture and language.

One of the most incredible cave paintings in Australia are...

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Cave Paintings: The best-kept secret of Bajas Desert

Cave Paintings: The best-kept secret of Baja's Desert


Mireille Pasos

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Baja California Sur (South Baja) is a fascinating region consisting of endless landscapes among which are found spectacular deserts with deep canyons and large plateaus that have remained intact, priceless evidence of a long history of colonization and survival.

This is "Arid America", a jealous guardian...

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Lascaux Cave Art - 16,000 years old - The Future is the Past

Lascaux Cave Art - 16,000 years old

Jul 26, 2009


Lascaux is the setting of a complex of caves in southwestern France famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings. The original caves are located near the village of Montignac, in the Dordogne département. They contain some of the most well-known Upper Paleolithic art. These paintings are estimated to be 16,000 years...

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Detail about Ajanta Caves (01 to 29) - Archaeological ...

World Heritage Sites - About Ajanta Caves 01 to 29


The squarish (35.7 x 27.6 m) monastery, consists of a hall sided by 14 cells, vestibule, sanctum sanctorum, an open verandah (19.5 X 2.82 X 4.1 m) flanked by a cell on each side and a open courtyard with two cells on the sides, datable to 4th - 5th centuries A.D. Importantly it represents a seated Buddha in...

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Paleolithic Cave Paintings - Jim Hopper

Red ochre cave painting

Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France 15,000-18,000 BC

This page has some paleolithic cave paintings I originally put on the web years ago, just...

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Prehistoric France and a timeline of prehistory in France

Prehistoric France and a timeline of prehistory in France

You are here: French History Prehistoric France

To be in the exact same place as our ancestors once lived, hunted, and painted the walls of their caves can be an almost overwhelming experience, and most of us are fascinated by our ancestors when we visit a place where prehistoric man was known to live.

Yet 10,000 years is perhaps just...

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PR Timeline — The Museum of Public Relations

Public Relations Through the Ages: A Timeline of Social Movements, Technology Milestones and the Rise of the Profession.

The Museum of Public Relations' historical timeline, "Public Relations Through the Ages," illustrates the evolution of the public relations profession and its relationship to the development of human communication. Presented jointly by The Museum and Hofstra University , this...

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Cave Paintings and Shamanism - Sam Woolfe

Monday, April 08, 2013

Cave paintings indicate a huge turning point in the evolution of the human race. They indicate the emergence of creativity and imagination. The origins of art distinguished us from all other animals and it reflects a radical change in our consciousness, since we started using symbols and images to represent our experiences. Jared Diamond says in his book The Third...

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Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld - Philip Coppens


Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld

What possessed our ancestors to paint inside the deepest reaches of caves? According to new research, the answer is to be found in the shamanic visions, possibly identifying the first creation of sacred space, for contact with the divine.

Philip Coppens

Many authors claim that it is a "fact" that...

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Date: 2007-11-05 18:06:40

Stunning cave paintings found 300 metres below Spain - The ...

The cave joins that at Altamira as one of Spain's most exciting and best-preserved set of cave paintings and for Garate, marks a career high.

"Without doubt it is the most important discovery of my career," he told The Local.�

"I have been...

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10 Cave Paintings That Depict Ancient Aliens - YouTube

Cave Paintings That Depict Ancient Aliens.

10) Real Alien astronomer of Kiev

In Kiev a very interesting carving of an ancient alien was discovered which is considered to belong to 4000 B.C.This Art shows an alien like creature covered in an suite which closely resembles an astronomers. This gives us a very clear picture of ancient alien sightings believed to have occurred.

9) Wunnamurra Gorge,...

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Prehistoric Cave Art: - Ancient-Wisdom


Article: (May, 2013)

'The Earliest Known Cave Paintings Fuel Arguments About Whether Neanderthals Were The Mental Equivalent to Modern Humans'.


   Origins of Cave-art: 'Origins of Consciousness'.

Until recently, the earliest European cave-art dates from Chauvet in France, around 32,000 years ago. (2) With over 350 cave-art sites in France and...

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Snøhetta masterfully designs the Lascaux IV Museum in ...

Buried amongst the stately chateaus and castles is a collection of artwork that has captured the imagination of the world--the cave paintings of Lascaux.

Discovered in 1940, these prehistoric works of art were created more than 17,000 years ago in Montignac, France . At first, the caves were open to the public, but were closed in 1963 when it was discovered that humans exhaling carbon dioxide...

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France - attractions and landmarks | Wondermondo

/ Angel James de Ocampo, Flickr . CC BY 2.0

France is home to many of the best known landmarks in the world. This country is literally crammed with thousands and thousands of the most diverse attractions. Highlights of France are:

Gothic cathedrals. Most people know Notre Dame de Paris or Amiens cathedral, but there are almost countless other magnificent Gothic cathedrals all over the...

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Ajanta Caves - rock cut Buddhist temples | Wondermondo

One of the best known and most impressive groups of cave temples is Ajanta Caves - these impressive structures form a popular tourist destination. These caves contain some of the richest collections of ancient art in region. Ajanta art inspired numerous artists of the late 19th - early 20th centuries, many people were essentially obsessed with copying Ajanta paintings, there have been written...

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Oldest cave paintings of the world - Publish Your Article

The oldest known cave paintings were found in the Chauvet Cave, located in southeast France. Discovered in 1994, the cave was filled with images of diverse animal species, including rhinoceroses, cats, and bears. Radiocarbon dating showed the images to be more than 30,000 years old.

Image Source:

Eliette Brunel Deschamps, Jean-Marie...

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Indian Paintings - Cultural India

Cultural India : Indian Art : Indian Paintings

Indian Paintings

The tradition of painting has been carried on in the Indian subcontinent since the ancient times. Standing as a testimony to this fact are the exquisite murals of Ajanta and Ellora, Buddhist palm leaf manuscripts, Mughal and Kangra schools of miniature Indian paintings, etc. Infact, records have been found that indicate the usage of paintings for decorating the doorways, guest rooms, etc. Some traditional Indian paintings, like those of Ajanta, Bagh and Sittanvasal, depict a love for ...

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New cave painting in South India, page 1 -

New cave painting in South India

page: 1


Just stumbled upon a new video (June 2017) about a cave painting in South India.

The placement of the doodle that looks like a circular flying saucer is high on the cave ceiling.

The figures seem very different from the other figures drawn on the walls.

The drawing is also partly eroded due to time.

What do you think?


a reply to: skido


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Cave Of Altamira, Santillana Del Mar | Ticket Price ...

The Cave of Altamira (Spanish: Cueva de Altamira; pronounced: ['ku e. a ðe al.ta.'mi. a]) is a cave in Cantabria, Spain, famous for its cave paintings featuring drawings and polychrome rock paintings of wild mammals and human hands, created between 18,500 and 14,000 years ago, during the Upper Paleolithic by early human beings. Some less famous paintings in the cave are at least 35,600 years...

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Native Americans of Santa Barbara | California Missions ...

Mission Santa Barbara was the third mission located in the land of the Chumash people. In the mission era the Native Americans who lived at this mission were called Barbareño (after the mission). Barbareño is considered one of the three linguistic /geographic entities of the Eastern Coastal Chumash. 1

The Chumash were an exceptional group of Native Americans who the Spanish found "of good...

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15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in France | PlanetWare



Suspended between heaven and earth on a sheer limestone cliff, Rocamadour is an unforgettable sacred site. In the 11th century, this pilgrimage destination was the third most important in Christendom after Jerusalem and Rome . Rocamadour was also a stop on the medieval pilgrimage trail to Santiago de la Compostela in Spain . The village has seven ancient sanctuaries, but...

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Ajanta Caves - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Ajanta Caves (UNESCO/TBS)

The first Buddhist cave monuments at Ajanta date from the 2nd and 1st centuries B.C. During the Gupta period (5th and 6th centuries A.D.), many more richly decorated caves were added to the original group. The paintings and sculptures of Ajanta, considered masterpieces of Buddhist...

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Lascaux II | Semitour

Lascaux II is the exact copy in three dimensions os Lascaux cave, closed to the public since 1963.

At the time, the point was to hand over to the people of today, 17 000 years old messages thanks to a technological achievement and scientific approach. The two galleries reproduced are "The Bulls Hall" and...

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Friday, December 12, 2008


The Khoisan people were the original inhabitants of much of southern Africa.


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Date: 2016-09-08 04:29:40

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troglodyte caves - Caves in the Dordogne

The troglodyte village of La Madeleine

These caves ('grottes' in French) fall into two categories - caves that are famous for the prehistoric paintings that they contain; and caves that are more renowned for their rock formations - stalactites, stalagmites, and other curious shapes formed by the effects of water over thousands of years.

Both types of cave are equally fascinating. It is not...

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Date: 2017-12-20 11:20:50

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Historic monuments in France -

Les Baux de Provence , near Avignon

Village of Riquewihr ( Alsace ) , Normandy

Notre Dame cathedral, Reims ( Champagne )

Notre-Dame cathedral, Chartres ( Centre )

The Pont du Gard (near Nimes, Languedoc )

The Arc de Triomphe, Paris 

Palace of the Popes , Avignon, Provence

Basilique de Vézelay, Burgundy

The top 20 most visited monuments in France are not necessarily the twenty most interesting...

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Date: 2017-12-15 23:27:22

Aquitaine regional information and tourist attractions ...

A mine of information about life and living in France, including working in France, living in France, food and eating, education, shopping.

Main tourist attractions and sites in Aquitaine

Vineyard at St. Emilion - photo J Menichini

Stay on a Bordeaux wine estate :

a select choice of some active wine estates in Aquitaine offering cellar visits, wine tasting and hotel or b&b accommodation.


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Did Humans Or Neanderthals Make These Cave Paintings?

This question and others tantalize researchers investigating early paintings in some of Europe's caves. The paintings date...

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Aboriginal art - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

Types of art[ change | change source ]

There are several types of aboriginal art and ways of making art. This includes rock painting, dot painting, rock engravings, bark painting, carvings, sculptures, and weaving and string art.

Dot paintings from Namadgi National Park showing a Kangaroo , Dingoes , Echidna and a Turtle ,

A painting of Baiame in "Baiame's cave", near Singleton, NSW. Notice the...

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Date: 2017-12-18 17:12:51

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Tamilnadu Tourism: Sittannavasal, Pudukottai

Sittannavasal is known primarily for its mural paintings in the Jaina rock-cut cave temple called Arivar koil. These paintings are second only in importance after Ajanta paintings in the art history of India. There is a natural cavern, called Ezhadippattam, with polished rock beds of Jaina ascetics. These rock beds contain Tamil inscriptions.

The oldest is a Tamil Brahmi inscription, the oldest...

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Date: 2017-12-20 10:53:14

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Caves of México: Cataviña

Two km north of Cataviña on the Trans Peninsular Highway at km 170 there is an easily accessible cave with cave paintings.

Still in Baja California, there are many caves with paintings around the San Ignacio area. They appear as human and animal designs left by Baja's original inhabitants. Oscar Fischer, the owner of the...

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Date: 2015-08-30 22:52:27

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