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The Chauvet Cave (a.k.a Caverne du Pont d'arc)

This magnificent discovery was made in December 1994 and remains one of the most important prehistoric sites to date. It was found accidentally by three local cavers - Christian Hillaire, Eliette Brunel-Deschamps and Jean-Marie Chauvet after whom the cave was named. It has more recently been the subject of Werner Herzog's new film 'Cave of Forgotten...

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Cave of Altamira in Santillana del Mar, Spain: Monuments ...

World Heritage, a certification granted by UNESCO.


Important examples of prehistoric rock art

The paintings are some 14,000 years old and have the World Heritage designation.

The cave has an irregular shape and is some 270 metres in length. It has an entrance hall, main gallery and side hall, and contains some of the world's finest examples of prehistoric rock art. The drawings are some 14,000 years old and show...

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Cave painting - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

Trois Frères

Les Combarelles

Most caves are in this style. Mobile objects appear, and allow a further classification of this style. Animals are shown in a very realistic manner. Horns and antlers are also shown realistically, and no longer in perspective view. Horses have a marked belly, and two lines on their shoulders. Bisons have a triangle on their loins. There are different symbols next to the animals.

Theories[ change | change source ]

There are different theories, what could have led people to paint in caves. The most common explanations are...

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Stunning 14,000-year-old cave etchings discovered in Spain ...

More than 50 cave etchings thought to be around 14,500 years old have been found in the northern Spanish town of Lekeitio.

Bizkaia regional official Unai Rementeria announced the discovery in a press conference Thursday, saying the etchings were a "treasure of mankind," and "of exceptional technical quality and visibility." He said experts have praised the etchings as the "most spectacular" in the Iberian...

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Ajanta Caves - What to Know Before You Go (with Photos ...

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Snøhetta masterfully designs the Lascaux IV Museum in ...

Buried amongst the stately chateaus and castles is a collection of artwork that has captured the imagination of the world--the cave paintings of Lascaux.

Discovered in 1940, these prehistoric works of art were created more than 17,000 years ago in Montignac, France . At first, the caves were open to the public, but were closed in 1963 when it was discovered that humans exhaling carbon dioxide...

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Human Origins: Southwest France and Northern Spain ...

Expedition Details

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Trace the footsteps of early humans as we explore the cradle of civilization in southwest France and on Spain's northern coast. On an expedition designed with paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson, examine carvings and cave paintings that illustrate life up to 40,000 years ago. From the Dordogne to Basque Country, stay in beautiful medieval towns that dot these...

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Evolution of Modern Humans: Early Modern Human Culture

 4¼ inches (10.8 cm.) long


If calendars were being made, it implies that some people were recognizing the cyclical nature of the seasons.  To people dependent on seasonally available foods and migrating herds, a calendar would have allowed more accurate predictions that would make the food quest more efficient.  Also of great value to Upper Paleolithic hunters and gatherers would...

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BBC News | SCI/TECH | Oldest lunar calendar identified

Monday, 16 October, 2000, 22:27 GMT 23:27 UK

Oldest lunar calendar identified

A dappled, brown horse and a lunar calendar

By BBC News Online science editor Dr David Whitehouse in France

What could be the oldest lunar calendar ever created has been identified on the walls of the famous, prehistoric caves at Lascaux in France.

They were aware of all the rhythms of nature. Their survival depended...

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Ipoh City Attraction - Gua Tambun Cave Paintings

Gua Tambun may have 3,000-year-old cave drawings of humans, it discovered in 1959 by a British soldier.� This cave paintings was gazetted by Ipoh City Council in 1986 and was declared a national heritage by the Department of National Heritage on January 10, 2010.

The exterior wall, exposed to the elements, boasts reddish drawings of human figures, a pregnant deer, a dugong, a tortoise and sketches resembling fish, arrows and an octopus. Besides the drawings, participants could examine seashells...

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Australian Scientists Found 2500 Year Old Cave Paintings ...

Researchers from The Australian National University just found a whole bunch of ancient cave paintings on a tiny 81 square kilometre Indonesian Island, previously unexplored by archaeologists.

28 2,500 year old rock art sites have been found on the island of Kisar, north of Timor-Leste.

Lead archaeologist, Distinguished Professor Sue O'Connor from the School of Culture, History and Language, said...

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Cosquer Cave - Wikipedia

Description[ edit ]

The cave can now be accessed by divers through a 175�m (574�ft) long tunnel, the entrance of which is located 37�m (121�ft) below sea level, that had risen after the cave was inhabited. During the glacial periods of the Pleistocene , the shore of the Mediterranean sea was situated several kilometers to the South and the sea level up to 100�m...

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The Stone Age | Facts For Kids, History « Kinooze

The Stone Age was a time thousands of years ago, when early humans lived in caves and jungles. Life was simple, and there were only two main things to do - to protect themselves from the wild animals and to gather food. It started almost with the evolution of mankind.

For both purposes, people made tools from stone.�The oldest stone tool that we have as an evidence is almost 3.4 million years...

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