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10. Laas Gaal Cave Paintings: Laas Gaal is a popular archaeological site located in Northwestern Somalia that contains a series of granite caves. The Neolithic paintings within the caves dating back to 8000 - 10000 years. Laas Gall...

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Cave painting Facts for Kids |

Cave paintings are paintings on cave walls and ceilings. Usually these paintings were made in prehistoric times. Most cave paintings date from 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. The oldest are from about 32,000 years ago, but scientists still disagree if this dating is correct.

It is not known why these paintings were made. Most people think they may have had a function for rituals . They may also have been a way to transit information; to...

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Date: 2017-12-12 23:47:27

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Top 9 Most Amazing Cave Paintings - The Mysterious World

Top 9 Most Amazing Cave Paintings


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The cave arts give clear evidences about how our ancestors live in tens of thousands of years ago. Cave paintings represent about different hunting techniques, social life, different beliefs of that time. Scientists keep exploring new cave arts from different parts of the world. The Followings are 9�amazing cave...

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20 Most Fascinating Prehistoric Cave Paintings - Oddee

The earliest known European cave paintings date to 32,000 years ago. Join us to discover the top twenty most fascinating prehistoric cave paintings.

1Lascaux Cave Paintings: the prehistoric Sistine Chapel

Known as "the prehistoric Sistine Chapel," the Lascaux Caves, a cave complex in southwestern France, contain some of the most remarkable paleolithic cave paintings in the world, from at least...

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Cave Paintings - Far Cry Primal Wiki Guide - IGN

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March 6, 2016 - 1 year 9 months ago

In�Far Cry Primal, you will be able to find Cave Paintings throughout the world of Oros. These cave paintins are, as the name suggests, found in caves and provide an experience bonus to your character. �There are a total of 22 cave paintings.

They are usually also accompanied by a Daysha Hand whenever you enter a cave that...

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Cave Paintings in Indonesia Redraw Picture of Earliest Art

Cave paintings on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi were found more than 50 years ago, but until now the dates of origin were not known. The art shown here has not been dated, but is stylistically similar to other art in the area now found to be around 40,000 years old.

Photograph by Maxime Aubert, Griffith University, Australia

A hand painted in an Indonesian cave dates to at least 39,900 years...

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Date: 2017-12-15 04:27:17

Pictograph Photos - Geology

Cueva de las Manos (Spanish for Cave of the Hands) is a series of caves in Argentina where ancient people painted on the walls starting over 9,000 years ago. The wall above is one of many that is covered with hand silhouettes. These silhouettes are thought to be made by the artist placing a hand on the wall and then blowing liquid pigment through a hollow bone to spray-paint the wall. The...

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Cave Paintings & Rock Art - Early Humans for Kids

Why did Cro-Magnon man cover the walls and ceilings of hidden caves with paintings by many different people?  Was it bragging; was it to appease the gods?  Was it to aid in hunting or teaching?  We just don't know.

How did they find these caves?  They painted in the same caves, so they must have known where they were.  The land around these caves was hard to reach.  Yet, Cro-Magnon painters sought out these caves.  The entrances to the stone caves were narrow, cramped, and tight.  The painters had to crawl or squirm through them to get to the large natural chambers in...

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7 Most Famous Cave Paintings in the World | Hoodaki Travel ...

September 2, 2014   Flights , Holidays , Travel , Travel Guide , Traveller

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Rock (Art) of Ages: Indonesian Cave Paintings Are 40,000 ...

The Secrets of Earth's History May Be in Its Caves

For now, all we know is when the caves were painted--or at least ballpark dates--and the finding suggests that the practice of lining cave walls with pictures of natural life was common 40,000 years ago. A study published today in Nature suggests that paintings in the Maros-Pangkep caves range from 17,400 to 39,900 years old, close to the age...

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Date: 2017-12-20 11:13:49

Pigments through the Ages - Prehistory - WebExhibits

Paleolithic Art in the Roucadour cave

Roucadour cave, Themines, Quercy, Lot, France.

A picture of negative hands in the Roucadour cave made of carbon black and red ochre. The cave of Roucadour is a large cavity with easy access, formed by a steep descending main gallery (15-20 m wide; 15 m high) and a lateral gallery (40 m long). The figures are at the end of the lateral gallery, 6 m above the...

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Introduction to the Cave Art Paintings of the Chauvet Cave

The Chauvet Cave is one of the most famous prehistoric rock art sites in the world. Located in the Ardeche region of southern France, along the bank of the river Ardeche near the Pont-d'Arc , this cave was only discovered as recently as 1994, happened upon by a small team of cavers led by Jean-Marie Chauvet. Chauvet Cave's importance is based on two factors: firstly, the aesthetic quality of...

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The best cave paintings in Cantabria - Cave of El Castillo ...

The best cave paintings in Cantabria

I agree with some of the other reviews here, this is definately a better visit than Altamira. The whole experience is more genuine and raw, you get to see the paintings close up, they are very impressive, especially the hands, and there is a choice of caves to see. The explanations are very good, the guides very informative, and they made the effort to try out...

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Cave Art Live Wallpaper APK -

The description of Cave Art Live Wallpaper

The beauty and mystery of prehistoric cave paintings on your phone / tablet.

Elegant dark live wallpaper. Cave paintings are illuminated by animated light cone.

You can choose from eight most famous prehistoric cave paintings

- Cave...

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Prehistoric Cave Paintings of Horses Were Spot-On, Say ...

DNA analysis shows that prehistoric cave paintings of horses were realistic depictions of the Paleolithic environment, including the leopard-spotted horse.

Long thought by many as possible abstract or symbolic expressions as opposed to representations of real animals, the famous paleolithic horse paintings found in caves such as Lascaux and Chauvet in France likely reflect what the prehistoric...

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World's Oldest Cave Art Found—Made by Neanderthals?

World's Oldest Cave Art Found--Made by Neanderthals?

"It adds to evidence Neanderthals were not a distinct species," archaeologist says.

View Images

In El Castillo cave, hand stencils join a red disk (not pictured) that may be Earth's oldest cave art.

Photograph courtesy Pedro Saura via Science/AAAS

Prehistoric dots and crimson hand stencils on Spanish cave walls are now the world's oldest known...

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Date: 2017-12-15 02:44:27

Vision in Consciousness - Lascaux Cave & Other Ancient ...

Altamira Cave - Northern Spain


Discovered in the late 19th century, the Altamira Cave in northern Spain was the first cave in which prehistoric paintings were discovered. The paintings were of such an astounding quality that the scientific society doubted their authenticy and even accused it's...

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Date: 2016-01-02 19:57:47

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visitor centre in southern France for the world-famous ...

These photographs capture the jagged roofline of the museum that  Snøhetta has designed at the Lascaux Caves in France , to frame a huge replica of some of the world's most famous prehistoric cave paintings.

Snøhetta worked with local firm  Duncan Lewis and exhibition designers Casson Mann to create the tourist attraction, which opened at the end of 2016 .

Finishing touches have now...

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The Cave of Hands in Patagonia, Argentina | Amusing Planet

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Prehistoric rock paintings, handprints and stencils span all continents, and began appearing on rock walls around the world at least 30,000 years ago. But Cueva de las Manos in Patagonia contains an exceptional assemblage of cave art.

"Cueva de las Manos", literally "the Cave of Hands", is located in Río Pinturas, in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, 163 km...

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Date: 2017-12-20 11:14:44

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Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld - Philip Coppens


Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld

What possessed our ancestors to paint inside the deepest reaches of caves? According to new research, the answer is to be found in the shamanic visions, possibly identifying the first creation of sacred space, for contact with the divine.

Philip Coppens

Many authors claim that it is a "fact" that...

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Date: 2007-11-05 18:06:40

World's oldest hand stencil found in Indonesian cave | New ...

World's oldest hand stencil found in Indonesian cave

By Catherine Brahic

Interesting ceiling (Image: Teeje/Getty)

IN A limestone cave sits the world's oldest hand stencil. Next to it is a drawing of a pig-deer. Together, they are turning our understanding of the birth of art on its head.

Around 40,000 years ago, early Europeans were the first to begin smearing pigment on walls, or so the...

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Date: 2017-12-19 17:35:27

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The History of Visual Communication - Caves and Rocks

Download slideshow >>>

The Cro-Magnons

form the earliest known European examples of Homo sapiens, from ca. 40,000 years ago, chromosomally descending from populations of the Middle East. Cro-Magnons lived from about 40,000 to 10,000 years ago in the Upper Paleolithic period of the Pleistocene epoch. For all intents and purposes these people...

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Date: 2011-01-29 16:50:33

Prehistoric Cave Art: - Ancient-Wisdom


Article: (May, 2013)

'The Earliest Known Cave Paintings Fuel Arguments About Whether Neanderthals Were The Mental Equivalent to Modern Humans'.


   Origins of Cave-art: 'Origins of Consciousness'.

Until recently, the earliest European cave-art dates from Chauvet in France, around 32,000 years ago. (2) With over 350 cave-art sites in France and...

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10 Cave Paintings That Depict Ancient Aliens - YouTube

Cave Paintings That Depict Ancient Aliens.

10) Real Alien astronomer of Kiev

In Kiev a very interesting carving of an ancient alien was discovered which is considered to belong to 4000 B.C.This Art shows an alien like creature covered in an suite which closely resembles an astronomers. This gives us a very clear picture of ancient alien sightings believed to have occurred.

9) Wunnamurra Gorge,...

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Cosquer Cave - Wikipedia

Description[ edit ]

The cave can now be accessed by divers through a 175�m (574�ft) long tunnel, the entrance of which is located 37�m (121�ft) below sea level, that had risen after the cave was inhabited. During the glacial periods of the Pleistocene , the shore of the Mediterranean sea was situated several kilometers to the South and the sea level up to 100�m...

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Date: 2017-12-14 23:55:10

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France: Chauvet cave paintings depict 36,000-year-old ...

By Sanskrity Sinha

January 16, 2016 10:43 GMT

A view of paintings of animal figures on the rock walls of the Chauvet cave where a new study suggests the oldest depiction of volcanic eruption could be found Getty Images

Stone paintings found in Chauvet cave in southern France could be the oldest known depiction of a volcanic eruption, a new study suggests. The paintings portray the occurrence of a...

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Ancient Cave Painting Depict Alien and a Permeable ...

In past we reported, Ancient Cave Paintings Depicting Aliens, UFO and Wormhole Found In Madhya Pradesh, India � and 10000 Year old alien Italy cave painting .

Now in latest development,� 6000� Year Old painting depict Alien and a Permeable, Layered Cosmological Map found in caves in US.

An unknown symbol similar to those appearing in early religious drawings is seen in this undated handout...

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Date: 2017-12-20 11:36:37

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Did Neanderthals Create World’s Oldest Cave Paintings ...

The case against the "dumb Neanderthal" myth grows even stronger with new age estimates for European cave art. Researchers believe either modern humans decorated their dwellings earlier than previously thought or that their evolutionary cousins are responsible for the world's oldest cave paintings.

Once considered intellectually inferior to modern humans, Neanderthals have enjoyed an image...

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Paleolithic Age - New World Encyclopedia

Rock paintings were "painted" on rock and were more naturalistic depictions than petroglyphs. In paleolithic times, the representation of humans in cave paintings was rare. Mostly, animals were painted: not only animals that were used as food but also animals that represented strength like the rhinoceros or large cats (as in the Chauvet Cave ). Signs like dots were sometimes drawn. Rare human...

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Date: 2017-12-20 00:00:04

Ancient DNA provides new insights into cave paintings of ...

An international team of researchers has used ancient DNA to shed new light on the realism of horses depicted in prehistoric cave paintings.

The team, which includes researchers from the University of York, has found that all the colour variations seen in Paleolithic cave paintings – including distinctive 'leopard' spotting - existed in pre-domestic horse populations, lending weight to the...

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cave paintings - Baja

Cave Paintings in Mulegé: Have a Baja Moment (in Time)!

Rock Art and Cave Paintings in Mulegé: Have a Baja Moment (in Time)!

February 17, 2013 by Ashley Curtin Leave a Comment

by Ashley Curtin  (all photos courtesy of VisitBajaSur)

You can Have a Baja Moment (in time) as you walk through caves discovering collections of prehistoric art (rupestres) drawn on the sides of boulders and along...

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aboriginal cave art and the kakadu national park, northern ...

aboriginal cave art and the kakadu national park, northern territory, australia


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For those of you who cut geography class, the Commonwealth of Australia is split into six states [New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia] and two territories [the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory or ACT]. Within the Northern...

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New cave painting in South India, page 1 -

New cave painting in South India

page: 1


Just stumbled upon a new video (June 2017) about a cave painting in South India.

The placement of the doodle that looks like a circular flying saucer is high on the cave ceiling.

The figures seem very different from the other figures drawn on the walls.

The drawing is also partly eroded due to time.

What do you think?


a reply to: skido


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Cave Of Altamira, Santillana Del Mar | Ticket Price ...

The Cave of Altamira (Spanish: Cueva de Altamira; pronounced: ['ku e. a ðe al.ta.'mi. a]) is a cave in Cantabria, Spain, famous for its cave paintings featuring drawings and polychrome rock paintings of wild mammals and human hands, created between 18,500 and 14,000 years ago, during the Upper Paleolithic by early human beings. Some less famous paintings in the cave are at least 35,600 years...

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Did Neandertals Paint Early Cave Art? | Science | AAAS

Who made these paintings? A new technique for dating cave art pushes the earliest works back to at least 41,000 years ago and raises the possibility that Neandertals were responsible for some of it.

Pedro Saura; (bottom left) Rodrigo De Balbin Behrmann

Did Neandertals Paint Early Cave Art?

By Michael Balter

Jun. 14, 2012 , 3:30 PM

The basic questions about early European cave art--who made it...

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Date: 2017-12-20 11:19:06

Rewriting History - Cave Paintings Made by Neanderthals ...



Scientific research is becoming easier and easier now that archaeologists can simply make-up their own way of carbon dating and come forth with new information that challenges accepted facts.

Alistair Pike, an archaeologist at the University of Bristol in England, believes that some of the famous cave paintings in Spain were drawn by Neanderthals , not humans.

Known as the...

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Date: 2017-10-13 11:24:38

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Neanderthals: The Oldest Cave Painters? : NPR

Reporting in Science, researchers write that a red disk painted in Spain's El Castillo cave is at least 40,800 years old--making it the oldest known European cave art. Archaeologist Alistair Pike discusses how his team dated the disk, and whether Neanderthals could have painted it.


This is SCIENCE FRIDAY, I'm Ira Flatow. This next story is about the caveman and the artist. Well...

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Famous Cave Paintings Might Not Be From Humans | KNKX

The famous paintings on the walls of caves in Europe mark the beginning of figurative art and a great leap forward for human culture.

But now a novel method of determining the age of some of those cave paintings questions their provenance. Not that they're fakes -- only that it might not have been modern humans who made them.

The first European cave paintings are thought to have been made over...

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Date: 2017-12-20 11:21:39

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PR Timeline — The Museum of Public Relations

Public Relations Through the Ages: A Timeline of Social Movements, Technology Milestones and the Rise of the Profession.

The Museum of Public Relations' historical timeline, "Public Relations Through the Ages," illustrates the evolution of the public relations profession and its relationship to the development of human communication. Presented jointly by The Museum and Hofstra University , this...

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Date: 2017-12-19 23:20:10

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Chauvet Cave - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Features[ change | change source ]

The gorges of the Ardèche region have many caves. Many have geological or archaeological importance. The Chauvet Cave is unusually large. Its artwork is well preserved and of good quality. It was occupied by humans at two different times: the Aurignacian and the Gravettian. Most of the artwork dates to the earlier Aurignacian era (30,000 to 32,000 years...

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Date: 2017-12-18 14:15:34

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CBC News - Oldest cave-man art in Europe dates back 40,800 ...

Quirks and Quarks: The beginnings of art history, interview with Randall White of NYU

A team of scientists studying cave paintings in Northern Spain has verified they are the oldest known works of�Stone Age art in Europe, finished some 10,000 years earlier than the�prehistoric wall paintings found in France.

Alistair Pike, an archaeologist with the University of Bristol and lead author of the...

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Bradshaw Foundation


Like Page for Facebook Updates

We update Our Facebook page regularly and it is a great way to receive updates from us if you are interested in the work of the Bradshaw Foundation.


Site Map

Bradshaw Foundation Site Map - Archive database index of links to all sections on rock art, cave paintings, archaeology, anthropology & genetic research.



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Sierra de Guadalupe cave paintings - Wikipedia

The Sierra de Guadalupe cave paintings are a series of prehistoric rock art pictographs near Rancho La Trinidad, Mulegé in Baja California Sur , Mexico . The Sierra de Guadalupe, mountains west of Mulegé, contains the largest number of known prehistoric rock art sites in Baja California. [1]

They form part of Central Baja California's 'great mural tradition' and are protected by Mexican law. The largest of several rock walls features the 'Trinidad deer', one of the best deer paintings in Baja California. The area also includes...

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Date: 2017-12-05 23:57:07

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Cave Clues |


A cave is an underground space with little or no light and constant moisture. Ask students what other environmental characteristics they can find about caves. What traits would be important or unnecessary for animals that live in caves? How about eyesight or bright skin color? What do caves provide for animals or people? What else besides safety, shelter, protection from weather, and...

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Human-animal hybrid cave paintings from lost civilization ...

Human-animal hybrid cave paintings from lost civilization discovered (PHOTOS)

Published time: 2 Nov, 2017 09:16

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© University of Leicester / Facebook

A team of archaeologists has discovered a vast array of pre-European conquest artwork from a lost civilization in a series of tiny caves on an uninhabited island in the Caribbean.

Some of the artwork was already known to archaeologists...

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Evolution of Modern Humans: Early Modern Human Culture

 4¼ inches (10.8 cm.) long


If calendars were being made, it implies that some people were recognizing the cyclical nature of the seasons.  To people dependent on seasonally available foods and migrating herds, a calendar would have allowed more accurate predictions that would make the food quest more efficient.  Also of great value to Upper Paleolithic hunters and gatherers would...

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Date: 2013-05-20 16:44:40

The Ancient Chauvet Cave Paintings - YouTube

The Chauvet cave was painted approximately 30,000 years ago and the dreams were buried and sealed for 20,000 years by a land slide.The site and its contents were discovered in 1994 and rocked the world!

Now, other images that appear to have been hidden within the paintings have been found that seem to reveal...

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Magical Cataviña - San Quintin - Baja California's Best ...

Located in and around Cataviña are a number of cave paintings (rupestres) - most around 1,000 years old. These paintings hail from the Yumano and Cochimí indians that have inhabited the Baja peninsula for many generations. (While, today, cave paintings are few and quite literally far between, they can still be found in remote parts of Baja).

Extreme climate conditions in this part of Baja have...

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French cave paintings are 10,000 years older than ...

The cave drawings in the Chauvet-Pont d'Arc, France may be taking back the crown for the oldest animal paintings on Earth, as an international team of scientists have found new evidence that they are 10,000 years older than previously believed.

Chauvet-Pont d'Arc is a cave located in the Ardèche département, a region that is found in south-central France. Discovered in 1994, it features human...

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Could Cave Carving Be First Neanderthal Art? - Seeker

Could Cave Carving Be First Neanderthal Art?

Possibly the first known example of Neanderthal rock art has been discovered in a seaside cave on the Rock of Gibraltar, archaeologists say.


Around 39,000 years ago, a Neanderthal huddled in the back of a seaside cave at Gibraltar, safe from the hyenas, lions and leopards that might have prowled outside. Under the flickering light of a campfire,...

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