Painted Cave of El Carmen :: Baja Travel Adventures - Baja ...

Article and photos by David Kier

Located in the very center of the peninsula is a beautiful painted cave that is a great reward for the short, but steep hike. This is perhaps the furthest north example of giant humans painted on a cave wall, similar to those of the Sierra de San Francisco made famous by Erle Stanley Gardner in the 1960's. The native Indians that were on the peninsula when the...

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7 Most Famous Cave Paintings in the World | Hoodaki Travel ...

September 2, 2014   Flights , Holidays , Travel , Travel Guide , Traveller

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Introduction to the Cave Art Paintings of the Chauvet Cave

The Chauvet Cave is one of the most famous prehistoric rock art sites in the world. Located in the Ardeche region of southern France, along the bank of the river Ardeche near the Pont-d'Arc , this cave was only discovered as recently as 1994, happened upon by a small team of cavers led by Jean-Marie Chauvet. Chauvet Cave's importance is based on two factors: firstly, the aesthetic quality of...

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The best cave paintings in Cantabria - Cave of El Castillo ...

The best cave paintings in Cantabria

I agree with some of the other reviews here, this is definately a better visit than Altamira. The whole experience is more genuine and raw, you get to see the paintings close up, they are very impressive, especially the hands, and there is a choice of caves to see. The explanations are very good, the guides very informative, and they made the effort to try out...

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Cave Paintings and Shamanism - Sam Woolfe

Monday, April 08, 2013

Cave paintings indicate a huge turning point in the evolution of the human race. They indicate the emergence of creativity and imagination. The origins of art distinguished us from all other animals and it reflects a radical change in our consciousness, since we started using symbols and images to represent our experiences. Jared Diamond says in his book The Third...

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Paleolithic Cave Paintings - Jim Hopper

Red ochre cave painting

Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France 15,000-18,000 BC

This page has some paleolithic cave paintings I originally put on the web years ago, just...

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Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld - Philip Coppens


Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld

What possessed our ancestors to paint inside the deepest reaches of caves? According to new research, the answer is to be found in the shamanic visions, possibly identifying the first creation of sacred space, for contact with the divine.

Philip Coppens

Many authors claim that it is a "fact" that...

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Caves - A Backpacker's Guide to the Natal Drakensberg



The caves have been listed approximately from north to south to facilitate their location on a map.  Recommended maps are the Peter Slingsby series consisting of 3 double-sided fold-out sheets giving a total of 6 maps (2 maps each for the north, central and southern berg regions).  The State Forestry versions of these maps...

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Ajanta Caves - rock cut Buddhist temples | Wondermondo

One of the best known and most impressive groups of cave temples is Ajanta Caves - these impressive structures form a popular tourist destination. These caves contain some of the richest collections of ancient art in region. Ajanta art inspired numerous artists of the late 19th - early 20th centuries, many people were essentially obsessed with copying Ajanta paintings, there have been written...

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Altamira Cave - Online Biology Dictionary -

It was the first cave where prehistoric cave paintings were discovered.

The Altamira paintings, now recognized as some of the oldest and finest paleolithic paintings in Europe, were discovered by the now famous Spanish spelunker Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola (1831-1888). At the time, cave paintings were as yet unknown to archaeological science.

During the 1870s de Sautuola had begun spending his...

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Caves of Egypt: The Cave of Swimmers - Show Caves

The Cave of Swimmers is a central location in the movie The English Patient. A cave where prehistoric paintings show swimming people in the middle of the desert. This seems impossible, but there is an easy explanation: this area was not a desert some 10,000 years ago during the last cold period of the Ice Ages. To say it clear: the cave in the film is not the real cave, it is just a film set. The...

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PR Timeline — The Museum of Public Relations

Public Relations Through the Ages: A Timeline of Social Movements, Technology Milestones and the Rise of the Profession.

The Museum of Public Relations' historical timeline, "Public Relations Through the Ages," illustrates the evolution of the public relations profession and its relationship to the development of human communication. Presented jointly by The Museum and Hofstra University , this...

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Cave Of Altamira, Santillana Del Mar | Ticket Price ...

The Cave of Altamira (Spanish: Cueva de Altamira; pronounced: ['ku e. a ðe al.ta.'mi. a]) is a cave in Cantabria, Spain, famous for its cave paintings featuring drawings and polychrome rock paintings of wild mammals and human hands, created between 18,500 and 14,000 years ago, during the Upper Paleolithic by early human beings. Some less famous paintings in the cave are at least 35,600 years...

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Neanderthals: The Oldest Cave Painters? : NPR

Reporting in Science, researchers write that a red disk painted in Spain's El Castillo cave is at least 40,800 years old--making it the oldest known European cave art. Archaeologist Alistair Pike discusses how his team dated the disk, and whether Neanderthals could have painted it.


This is SCIENCE FRIDAY, I'm Ira Flatow. This next story is about the caveman and the artist. Well...

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This lesson plan is on Cave Paintings and Historical ...

This lesson plan is on Cave Paintings and Historical Stereotypes


Grade Level - K-3

Lesson Plan Title: cave painting

Concept / Topic To Teach: Stereotypes may not be correct, what we see in movies and on TV isn't always the way life really was/is.

Standards Addressed: Students will understand the place of art in history

General Goal(s): Students will gain information about the people of...

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The Ancient Flying Machines of The ... - Collective Evolution

I'm in!

I want to start off by saying that what I present in this article is a very minuscule amount of information that's available on prehistoric flying machines. I try to stay on the topic of flying objects, and stay away from details of extraterrestrial beings, for which there is also an enormous amount of information. What I've presented in this article is but a fraction of the numerous...

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Uluru - Australia

Uluru is a massive sandstone rock in central Australia that is sacred to the Aborigines of the area, who are known as the Anangu. In recent years, Uluru has also become important for New Age practitioners.

Believed to have been formed by the activities of ancestral beings in creation time (or Dreamtime), the beautiful site includes many caves, waterholes, and ancient rock paintings. Uluru is the...

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Lesson Plan 3 – Virtual Exploration of Lascaux Cave

Walls That Tell a Story

VI. Lesson Plan #3

Virtual Exploration of Lascaux Cave

Lesson Rationale & Context:

The children have been learning about various walls from the book

Talking Walls

. The book tells us that Lascaux cave in France was discovered by four teenagers who were looking for their lost dog in the woods. Through this lesson, children will see there are other ways to research a topic...

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Caves of Southwest France - Europe Up Close

The ancient paintings that are found on cave walls throughout the world could be "the greatest art museum on the planet," according to the noted French prehistorian Jean Clottes. The richest trove of prehistoric drawings and carvings, some dating back 35,000 years, is in the limestone caves of southwestern France.

After visiting several caves, I'm hooked, always looking for more. The...

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Top 10 most amazing ancient rock cut structures in India ...

/ Kunal Mukherjee , Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Ellora Caves (Maharashtra) belong to the highest achievements of mankind both regarding the engineering skills and arts. Words can not describe the incredible richness of artistic and phylosophical messages emanated by thousands of sculptures, drawings and inscriptions in Ellora.

This group of 34 monasteries and temples belongs to the last great cave...

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