Paleolithic Cave Paintings Worksheet by Lesson Plan Ninja ...

Paleolithic Cave Art Worksheet teaches students about Paleolithic cave paintings, through map skills and primary source document analysis. This short activity focuses on the locations of the cave...

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Lesson Plan 3 – Virtual Exploration of Lascaux Cave

Walls That Tell a Story

VI. Lesson Plan #3

Virtual Exploration of Lascaux Cave

Lesson Rationale & Context:

The children have been learning about various walls from the book

Talking Walls

. The book tells us that Lascaux cave in France was discovered by four teenagers who were looking for their lost dog in the woods. Through this lesson, children will see there are other ways to research a topic...

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Paleolithic Age - New World Encyclopedia

Rock paintings were "painted" on rock and were more naturalistic depictions than petroglyphs. In paleolithic times, the representation of humans in cave paintings was rare. Mostly, animals were painted: not only animals that were used as food but also animals that represented strength like the rhinoceros or large cats (as in the Chauvet Cave ). Signs like dots were sometimes drawn. Rare human...

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