Ancient art tapestries - European cave paintings wall art

Ancient art tapestries including Lascaux caves scenes - European cave paintings wall art can be striking in a modern setting. The fullness of the weave and ancient character make these very effective.

Ordering ancient art tapestries

To view and order any ancient art tapestries simply click on a photograph below for full details...

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Faux Rock Cave Art Wall Hangings : EBTH

A collection of faux rock wall hangings. These hollow rock-like wall hangings have painted symbols of animals and suns. They are wired for hanging on the...

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Art Project - Stone Age Cave Painting - KidsGen

The earliest Stone Age cave paintings date from around 40,000BC. and were etched on rocks in Australia. In Europe, the oldest works of art are cave paintings from about 28,000BC. Some caves in southwestern France and northern Spain are covered with paintings and engravings of animals. The Stone Age artists also carved female figures, called Venus figurines, and decorated their tools and weapons with carved patterns and animal forms.


Step 1

Roll out a piece of...

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