The "Sistine Chapel" of the Upper Paleolithic (Circa ...

Lascaux Cave Paintings - Virtual Tour from Vimeo Videos on Vimeo .

"The cave contains nearly 2,000 figures, which can be grouped into three main categories: animals, human figures and abstract signs. The paintings contain no images of the surrounding landscape or the vegetation of the time. Most of the major images have been painted onto the walls using mineral pigments, although some designs...

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Ajanta & Ellora Caves Information - History, Facts, Paintings

Travelogy India Mumbai

History of India dates back to the time when the earliest civilizations started emerging. Fertile land and wide variety of geographical features here were the reasons of it being a seat of some of the much researched cultures. Not only this, India has seen many famed kingdoms and dynasties emerge, reach unfathomable heights and fall.

All of these kingdoms, civilizations,...

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Game of Thrones: Analyzing Children of the Forest Cave Art ...

August 7, 2017

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones .

The fourth episode of Game of Thrones' seventh season saw Jon Snow take Daenerys Targaryen into the caves of Dragonstone to show her the dragonglass under the island. But the King in the North also had an ulterior motive -- convincing her that the White Walkers are the real threat to Westeros.

After passing...

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Space Aliens In Australia - Mysterious Australia

Australasian Post, September 11, 1986

Space Aliens In Australia

In a rock shelter in the NSW Blue Mountains 20 years ago, I came across a mysterious Aboriginal carving. Etched into the rock it appeared to depict a human-like figure seated in an airborne vehicle. Flying saucer enthusiasts would take this carving as clear evidence that astronauts...

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Date: 2010-12-02 05:29:29

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Paintings For Sale|Oil Paintings For Sale

Picture of the Month Hill Top Snow

Welcome to the Cider House Galleries

A genuine Aladdin's Cave of fine art for sale with a large stock of around 700 oil paintings dating from the 17th to the early 20th Century.

For over 40 years our...

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Buddhist Caves at Ajanta | Asian Art Museum | Education

Buddhism , architecture

What is this building?

This is one of a series of caves excavated out of the volcanic rock that extends along a cliff overlooking the Wagora River at Ajanta , about two hours north of the present-day city of Aurangabad, in Maharastra state in western India. The Ajanta caves predate the caves equally famous at Ellora, but they are entirely Buddhist. There are early caves at...

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How old is Australian Rock Art? - Aboriginal Art Online

Australian rock art shows some of the oldest-known artistic images by modern humans. However, there are considerable technical difficulties and uncertainties in dating rock art which make it difficult to determine the age of Australia's earliest rock art.

Australian rock art, while extensive and in places of great age, is...

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How Art Made the World . Episodes . The Day Pictures Were ...

The discovery of the prehistoric cave paintings of Altamira gave 19th century experts a clue to this question--they first theorized the obvious, prehistoric humans painted simply to represent the world around them. But that was not a real answer, for these early artists only seemed to paint one thing--animals. And...

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Lascaux II | Semitour

Lascaux II is the exact copy in three dimensions os Lascaux cave, closed to the public since 1963.

At the time, the point was to hand over to the people of today, 17 000 years old messages thanks to a technological achievement and scientific approach. The two galleries reproduced are "The Bulls Hall" and...

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The Stone Age | Facts For Kids, History « Kinooze

The Stone Age was a time thousands of years ago, when early humans lived in caves and jungles. Life was simple, and there were only two main things to do - to protect themselves from the wild animals and to gather food. It started almost with the evolution of mankind.

For both purposes, people made tools from stone.�The oldest stone tool that we have as an evidence is almost 3.4 million years...

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