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Blue-Green Cities aimed to reintroduce the natural water cycle into urban environments and provide effective measures to manage fluvial (river), coastal , and pluvial ( urban runoff or surface water) flooding [1] while championing the concept of multi-functional greenspace and landuse to generate multiple benefits for the environment, society, and the economy.

Comparison of...

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You're the God of this city,

You're the King of these people,

You're the Lord of this nation,

You Are.

You're the Light of this darkness,

You're the Hope to the hopeless,

You're the Peace to the restless,

You Are.

For there is no one like our God.

There is no one like you, God.

Greater things have yet to come,

And greater things are still to be done, in this city.

Greater things are yet to come,

And greater things are still to be done here.

You're the Lord of Creation,

The Creator of all things,

You're the...

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Blue Mountains City Council - Policies, Plans and Strategies


Policies, Plans and Strategies

The Council has an extensive range of policies, plans, strategies, reports, guides and other formal documents which are alphabetically listed below, with a brief description. For long-term plans and strategic documents please go to Integrated Planning and Reporting .

Policies describe the Council's position and approach to a particular matter - that is, what the...

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Event Calendar Blue Ridge - Fannin County Chamber of ...

Fannin County Chamber of Commerce

Event Calendar

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Downtown Blue Ridge

Downtown City Park

Light Up Blue Ridge is an all day fun event for the whole family. Holiday music will be played throughout the town from...

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Athens, Ohio natives Red Wanting Blue , rolled into City Winery on Thursday night to a packed venue ready to party. The band formed in Athens, Ohio - which is where I blossomed from a boy to a man in the shadows of Ohio University. So, it was a nice reminder of both of our pasts to see their on-stage décor...

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Blue Heron Adventure | River Rafting | WhiteWater Express

Blue Heron Adventure

Take flight on the Blue Heron Adventure in Columbus, Georgia! Crossing the Chattahoochee River, experience the only dual-zip line that connects two states reaching speeds up to 40mph. The fun doesn't end there! The Blue Heron Aerial Course, a treetop experience will meet you in Phenix City, Alabama with a total of 10 obstacles. The adventure continues as you cruise in the...

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WHAT :: The Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute

What We Do >> Events >> Golden Gumtree Postal Run

The Golden Gumtree Postal Run

"Bringing the Park to the People and the People to the Park"

September 2009 : Penrith to Lithgow

The Blue Mountains National Park turns 50 this year and many Blue Mountains residents want to celebrate.  We are planning a major event for September to coincide with Spring and the first Gazettal date of the Blue...

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Blue Sky Tree Co. - Landscape Design | Rapid City, SD

When you're looking for a dependable landscaping service, you've found your sure solution. Our experts have what it takes to completely transform your space.

Between our professional service, experienced team, and affordable rates, you're going to get it all whenever you choose us for the job. It's our privilege to meet all of your unique landscaping needs.

Let our pros come out and restore your outdoor property to its original glory. Just wait until you see...

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