Blue Horse Building & Design in Dripping Springs, TX 78620 ...

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1516 Overland Stage Rd Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

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Blue Horse Building & Design is located at the address 1516 Overland Stage Rd in Dripping Springs, Texas...

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Jake Bradley | Blue Horse Building & Design |

Blue Horse Building + Design | Green Home Builders | Austin, Texas

Jake Bradley

Operations Manager - began his career as a masonry apprentice after high school, worked up to lead carpenter, and advanced to project management within 6 years. He studied architectural engineering and computer-aided drafting. For several years Jake was a project manager, supervising the building of multi-million dollar homes involving crews of 50 or more. Implementation of complex and interrelated tasks comes easy to him and, with Jake around, things tend to effortlessly fall into place. He has experience utilizing a wide variety of building...

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