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Mersad Berber (1940-2012), Dreamlike Portrait, Print-Multiple

Print-multiple: lithograph in colors with imprint and leaf gold on wove paper

Yugoslavia, 2nd half of the 20th century

Mersad Berber (1940-2012) - Bosnian artist\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'

Signed \'Mersad Berber\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'

Portrait of a women in the style of different art forms, like Spanish Baroque, Byzantine painting, Italian Quattrocento, Art Nouveau and Bosnian...

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Mersad Berber - biography

Mersad Berber was born on 1 January 1940 in a westem Bosnian township of Bosanski Petrovac. In 1963 he was in Ljubljana, completing his painting studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Maksim Sedej and attending his M.A. in the graphic arts with professor Riko Debenjak. Fifteen years later, Berber himself received a teaching position at the Academy of Fine...

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Saskatchewan NAC | Artist of the Month - Hillary Ryder

Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting is very pleased to present Hillary Ryder as our featured artist.

Hillary was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1995 and is Assiniboine/Sioux from White Bear First Nation.

She is a self-taught artist, who began painting in 2013 at the age of seventeen.

Hillary's work has been shown at the Sakewewak Artists Collective. at Tatanka Boutique, and at Lemon Drop...

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