Sculpture by Henri Matisse

If Matisse's paintings, for all their chromatic strength, tend to be elegantly composed, the sculptures are often about stresses and struggles. The three-dimensional medium permitted Matisse to twist the figure even more than he had in the painting. He is said to have urged his students to literally adopt the posture of the twisting and contorted bodies of the models as they worked in order to...

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Henri Matisse: Painting with Scissors - Merritt Gallery ...

Henri Matisse: Painting with Scissors

Henri Matisse 1869 - 1954

"What I am after, above all, is expression." - Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse's body of work is an example of extraordinary creativity. Full of color and life, his paintings have stunned and inspired the art world for over a century.�A pioneer of Fauvism, Matisse emphasized the emotional power of sinuous lines such as Pour...

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