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Samaii Muhayyar (Tunis TV Orchestra), Taqseem on the Qanoon (Ameen Khayyat), Soat al Sahara (Aawadh Doukhi), The Rababah


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Traditional Arabic Music

Traditional Audio Music

A very diverse art form, Arabic Music, and later on, we will show the close relationship with Turkish and Persian Music, is listened to in a very vast region of the world.  From the Atlantic Ocean in North Africa to the far reaches of Central Asia, and from Asia Minor (present day Turkey and the Islamic Republics of the former Soviet Union) in the North, to Central Africa and the Arabian Peninsula in the South. 

 The Arabic Music as it's known today in the Near East and North Africa is the product of an evolutionary art form that may have started as far back...

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Arabic music - Wikipedia

Artists like Richii popularized this style with songs like "Ana Lubnaneyoun".

Arabic jazz[ edit ]

Another popular form of West meets East, Arabic jazz is also popular, with many songs using jazz instruments. Early jazz influences began with the use of the saxophone by musicians like Samir Suroor, in the "oriental" style. The use of the saxophone in that manner can be found in Abdel Halim Hafez 's songs, as well as Kadim Al Sahir and Rida Al Abdallah today. The first...

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Tunisia Culture and heritage

     Cultural icons

  Archeological sites from Phoenician to Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Ottoman and European; médinas, mosques; long-lived arts and popular traditions; artistic events; craft industry; music and songs of the traditional and popular registers.

Tunisia has as many sites declared humanity inheritance as Greece.

     Our People

  A synthesis of various civilizations, Carthage and Rome to mention only the most prestigious ones, Tunisia has always been...

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Travel Morocco - Moroccan Music & Artists

Ancient Moroccan music can be found in the mountainous regions and is performed within Berber villages while in the cities there is a strong Arabic classical tradition, of songs and instrumental music brought by Arabs from the east and Andalusian Spain. Since the 1970's Morocco has spawned indigenous pop ( chabbi music ), ranging from protest songs to dance music- sounds that you'll hear blaring out of taxi radios, bus stations PA systems and in shops, cafes and restaurants....

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1000+ Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Images (Step by Step)

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Simple and Easy Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

Simple along with easy Arabic mehandi patterns concentrates on just how a style can be beautiful, awesome and easy simultaneously. You don't have to wonder your expertise by extreme elaborated Arabic Henna mehandi styles that are not everyone's thing to use, but instead of you may fall in love with simple...

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