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Islamic arts Arabic paintings and Calligraphy

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China Oil Paintings for Sale - Oil Painting Wholesale ...

Custom Art from Photo

Oil Painting Wholesale, China Oil Paintings Suppliers and Reproduction

Refine Art supplies service of online wholesale oil paintings reproductions , photo to paintings , masterpiece reproductions and photo canvas prints from

Xiamen China, with own oil painting studio, stretcher bar and frame factory. Different quality oil painting for sale matches your bugget, one piece oil painting

for sale with cheap wholesale price. If you wanna buy any museum quality reproduction of famous oil paintings or any other fine art which you can't...

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Sutton Gallery » Artist Profile » Raafat Ishak

Sutton Gallery, Melbourne, 2015; Proposition for a banner march and a black cube hot air balloon (in collaboration with Tom Nicholson), Shepparton Art Museum, Victoria, 2012; and Raafat Ishak: Work in Progress, The Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne, 2010. He has also presented significant bodies of work at Art Dubai, with Sutton Gallery, in 2011 and 2012.

Recent group exhibitions include: 100 Masterpieces of Modern and Contemporary Arab Art, The Barjeel Collection, Institut du Monde Arabe,...

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Sharjah Museums Department - Sharjah Art Museum

The Sharjah Art Museum first opened its doors on April 17, 1997.

Why you should visit Sharjah Art Museum

Enjoy a world of artistic wonder and creativity spread over large spacious galleries that welcome you throughout the year. This unique museum offers art lovers and all visitors, the opportunity to admire the splendor of a variety of collections and temporary exhibitions hosted by the museum,...

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Galleries in Abu Dhabi - Contemporary, Modern, Abstract Art

News Restaurants Bars Nightclubs Sightseeing Travel Tips Jobs Festivals Shopping Map

Abu Dhabi Galleries

Abu Dhabi presents a wide array of galleries representing art in various forms like Arabic, contemporary, abstract, etc. which also represents artists from UAE as well as international strata.

Galleries such as the Etihad Modern Art Gallery and Miraj Islamic Art Centre are devoted to promote...

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Soni Art Studio was started in 1997. It is a family run business made up of three talented artists; Shaheen and Tasneem (husband and wife) and Achmat Soni (Father). Soni Art Studio is currently the exclusive provider of locally made Arabic Art in Cape Town, South Africa. This unique art form incorporates the versatile and decorative Arabic script and...

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Tunisia Painting - Arab -

Visionnary painter presenting his art work in a virtual art gallery: oil paintings, pastels, stone lithographs, fresco, giclees, drawing in chineses ink and posters.

Provides information about the Tunisian...

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27 Latest Nail Art Design | Arab Girls, Arabic Girls Blog

It is functionary. The world is totally haunted with manicures and nail paint art. The celebs are invariably a source of motivation occasionally for what not to do. But in commonly it's making us yellow green with invidia as of their smartly covered figures.

A bit nail polish must be fall, in everyday life. But just as you unintentionally lacquered your couch, skirt or...

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Art Arabic Meanings: الفنّ - English to Arabic Dictionary

(n.) The black art; magic.

(n.) Skillful plan; device.

(n.) Learning; study; applied knowledge, science, or letters.

() The second person singular, indicative mode, present tense, of the substantive verb Be; but formed after the analogy of the plural are, with the ending -t, as in thou shalt, wilt, orig. an ending of the second person sing. pret. Cf. Be. Now used only in solemn or poetical style.

(n.) The application of skill to the production of the beautiful by imitation or design, or an occupation in which skill is so...

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Mysore Paintings- Mysore Painting, Mysore Paintings India ...

Cultural India : Indian Art : Indian Paintings : Mysore Paintings

Mysore Paintings

Mysore Painting is a form of classical South Indian painting, which evolved in the Mysore city of Karnataka. During that time, Mysore was under the reign of the Wodeyars and it was under their patronage that this school of painting reached its zenith. Quite similar to the Tanjore...

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Arabian Paintings - Arabian Oil Painting Reproduction and ...

�* Museum Collection by Famous Artists /

�* Examples of High Quality /

� �All images in the 3 subdirectories are

� �hand painted examples by...

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Arabic Calligraphy Names

We will provide you with a reliable archive of names written in Arabic calligraphy to enable you to generate your own Arabic logo in a wonderful Arabic calligraphy art, written by our specialized calligraphy team.


USA : 2411 Anna St., Hayward , CA 94545

Egypt : Shoubra El Khaiema, Cairo

Contact number:

Ahmed Kandil

General Manager

A. Kandil was born in Dec 1972 in Cairo, Egypt . He is a calligrapher , web and graphic designer. He has awarded a Diploma in Arabic Calligraphy and gilding since 2005, he also gained a Certificate to teach Arabic...

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Gum arabic - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ink[ change | change source ]

Gum arabic has been used from ancient times as part of black ink . The main constituent is carbon soot from lamps or burnt plant material. Apart from water and gum arabic, the ancient Egyptian ink was made of not much else. Written on paper or papyrus , this ink has survived for over three thousand years.

Gum arabic is a key ingredient in traditional lithography and is used in printing, paint production, glue, cosmetics and various industrial applications, including viscosity control in inks and in textile industries. Nowadays less expensive materials compete with it for many of these roles.

Painting and...

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Persian Art & Paintings | Watercolour Paintings | Iranian ...

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Madhu, USA

I love your site and although today is my first order, I have been seeing your site for the past several years. Thank you for...

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Arabic Calligraphy Paintings | Fine Art America


Satisfaction Guarantee

Every purchase includes a 30-day money-back guarantee .���We sell thousands of products each week to buyers from all over the world.���Take a look at these unfiltered reviews !

Where Do We Ship?

We ship all over the...

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Gypsum Gallery

Solo show by AHMED MORSI


Opening reception on 27 Oct 2017, 7:30 - 9:30 pm

27 October - 2 December 2017

Ahmed Morsi, Untitled, 1995, acrylic on canvas (diptych), 235 x 360 cm

" >

Ahmed Morsi, Untitled, 1995, acrylic on canvas (diptych), 235 x 360 cm

Gypsum is pleased to present "You Closed Your Eyes in Order to See the Unseen", the gallery's first...

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Date: 2017-12-19 22:48:54

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Mystery buyer: Who purchased the $450.3 million Leonardo ...

Who purchased the Leonardo da Vinci painting depicting Jesus Christ for an astonishing $450.3 million at Christie's action house in New York Wednesday night?

The buyer's identity, which is a mystery, has intrigued the world, becoming a source of intense speculation among international art dealers and on social media about who holds the painting by the Italian Renaissance master.�

A Russian...

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Benefits Of Gum Arabic – Benefits Of

Benefits Of Gum Arabic

Benefits Of Gum Arabic

, Harri Daniel , Comments Off on Benefits Of Gum Arabic

Benefits of Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is a gum made of sap extracted from two different species of the wild acacia tree; Acacia Seyal and Acacia Senegal. It is harvested from Sudan and Somalia to Sudan, although it was historically grown in West Asia. Gum Arabic has as array of uses and is an ingredient in various traditional applications such as printing, cosmetics, glue, and paint production among others. This article will highlight other common uses of gum Arabic.

1. Art and painting

Since it easily dissolves in water, Gum Arabic is a great...

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The National Museum of Fine Arts in Algiers

The National Museum of Fine Arts in Algiers

Travel Tips - Algeria

Algeria , Museum

The National Museum of Fine Arts was built in Algiers in 1927. The building is on the forest hill of the Hamma quarter in the heart of the majestic Algerian Bay and the green scenery of the Jardin d'Essai.

The Museum is surrounded by several monumental heritage sites like the Algiers Villa Abd- El-tif, the Turkish...

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Painting Lessons - Learn How to Paint - Free Art Lessons ...

Mix a variety of media to produce fun and playful artworks. A variety of techniques are covered including collage, polymer clay painting, and assemblage. (11 Modules | 10 eBooks)

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Painting as an Art Form

Painting can best be described as the process of adding color to a surface,� usually in the form of a liquid.� There are many different painting methods and techniques.�Each technique is dependent on the type of paint that is used. Watercolor painting is vastly different than oil painting, for...

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Islamic culture - Wikipedia

" Wayang Kulit ", the Indonesian art of shadow puppetry , reflects a melding of indigenous and Islamic sensibilities.

"Advice of the Ascetic", a 16th-century Persian miniature

Public Islamic art is traditionally non-representational, except for the widespread use of plant forms, usually in varieties of the spiralling arabesque . These are often combined with Islamic calligraphy , geometric...

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