Arab Art Gallery | Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

The Arab Art Gallery will display Arab students' art work, the Arabic music tones Maqamat, the Calligraphy,...

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Date: 2017-12-20 13:58:40

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Islamic arts Arabic paintings and Calligraphy

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Date: 2016-05-31 11:20:14

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Sutton Gallery » Artist Profile » Raafat Ishak

Sutton Gallery, Melbourne, 2015; Proposition for a banner march and a black cube hot air balloon (in collaboration with Tom Nicholson), Shepparton Art Museum, Victoria, 2012; and Raafat Ishak: Work in Progress, The Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne, 2010. He has also presented significant bodies of work at Art Dubai, with Sutton Gallery, in 2011 and 2012.

Recent group exhibitions include: 100 Masterpieces of Modern and Contemporary Arab Art, The Barjeel Collection, Institut du Monde Arabe,...

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Galleries in Abu Dhabi - Contemporary, Modern, Abstract Art

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Abu Dhabi Galleries

Abu Dhabi presents a wide array of galleries representing art in various forms like Arabic, contemporary, abstract, etc. which also represents artists from UAE as well as international strata.

Galleries such as the Etihad Modern Art Gallery and Miraj Islamic Art Centre are devoted to promote...

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Artists - Naila Art Gallery

2000, Arabic Heritage Gallery, Al Khobar 2010, Desart Rainbow Exhibition, Riyadh 2010, Desart Rainbow exhibition, Jeddah 2014 Faceted Construction, 21, 39 Jeddah Art Week, Naila Art Gallery, Jeddah Click to view examples of artwork

Ayman Zedani

Ayman Zedani was born in Saudi Arabia in 1984 and spent his early years moving around Saudi Arabia due to his father's profession. With a lifelong...

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AL MASAR GALLERY | Contemporary Art

Statement and biography

The Mirage II | Artist Statement | 2013

Hazem Taha Hussein is famous for his special technique in composition. His compositions are made of overlaying Islamic patterns on the background in an effort to hide the abstract figures he draws. After painting & drawing figures, faces, shapes & angels, he fully covers them with paint followed by bare areas. He finishes his...

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The Nile Art Gallery - Cairo - ArtRabbit

The Nile Art Gallery is a personal initiative instigated by founder and director, visual artist Rasha El Agroudy.

The�aim is for the gallery to become�a dynamic cultural platform, establishing ties between artists and...

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Tunisia Art Galleries: Tunisia, North Africa - World Guides

Both Tunis and Sousse tend to be where the largest and most notable galleries are situated, offering a taster of Tunisian and North African art.

In Sousse, the Dar Am Taieb Museum of Contemporary Art stands out, while in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, much-visited galleries include both the B'Chira Art Centre and the National Centre of Living Art at Belvedere Park. Also found in Tunis is the...

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Date: 2016-06-08 06:16:02

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Soni Art Studio was started in 1997. It is a family run business made up of three talented artists; Shaheen and Tasneem (husband and wife) and Achmat Soni (Father). Soni Art Studio is currently the exclusive provider of locally made Arabic Art in Cape Town, South Africa. This unique art form incorporates the versatile and decorative Arabic script and...

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Amazing Arabic Graffiti Collection in a ... - Graphic Art News

Amazing Arabic Graffiti Collection in a book!



Arabic Graffiti

In the light of the Arab revolutions that currently bring sweeping changes to the Middle East, this book keeps an eye on the fascinating developments of graffiti and street art in this region.

Whether on the freight trucks of Lebanon, along village alleyways in Bahrain, on the bullet-riddled walls of Palestine, or adorning the...

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Sharjah Museums Department - Sharjah Art Museum

The Sharjah Art Museum first opened its doors on April 17, 1997.

Why you should visit Sharjah Art Museum

Enjoy a world of artistic wonder and creativity spread over large spacious galleries that welcome you throughout the year. This unique museum offers art lovers and all visitors, the opportunity to admire the splendor of a variety of collections and temporary exhibitions hosted by the museum,...

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The Best Galleries To Visit In Tunisia - Culture Trip

We take a look at the top galleries to visit in Tunisia, and the artistic revival contributing to a slowly changing arts scene within North Africa .

B'Chira Art Centre

The B'Chira Art Centre is a Contemporary Art center located in Sabelet Ben Ammar, twenty minutes from the capital of Tunis. Founded in 2011 by artist B'chira Triki, it is located in a staggering garden of 10,000 square meters, in...

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Tunisia Painting - Arab -

Visionnary painter presenting his art work in a virtual art gallery: oil paintings, pastels, stone lithographs, fresco, giclees, drawing in chineses ink and posters.

Provides information about the Tunisian...

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China Oil Paintings for Sale - Oil Painting Wholesale ...

Custom Art from Photo

Oil Painting Wholesale, China Oil Paintings Suppliers and Reproduction

Refine Art supplies service of online wholesale oil paintings reproductions , photo to paintings , masterpiece reproductions and photo canvas prints from

Xiamen China, with own oil painting studio, stretcher bar and frame factory. Different quality oil painting for sale matches your bugget, one piece oil painting

for sale with cheap wholesale price. If you wanna buy any museum quality reproduction of famous oil paintings or any other fine art which you can't...

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Date: 2015-09-05 10:02:45

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Gypsum Gallery

Solo show by AHMED MORSI


Opening reception on 27 Oct 2017, 7:30 - 9:30 pm

27 October - 2 December 2017

Ahmed Morsi, Untitled, 1995, acrylic on canvas (diptych), 235 x 360 cm

" >

Ahmed Morsi, Untitled, 1995, acrylic on canvas (diptych), 235 x 360 cm

Gypsum is pleased to present "You Closed Your Eyes in Order to See the Unseen", the gallery's first...

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Date: 2017-12-19 22:48:54

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Majid Alyousef :: Calligrapher & Designer | Calligraphy ...



Majid Alyousef is a Saudi contemporary artist and Arabic typographer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has been practicing Arabic calligraphy for more than 25 years and acquired mastery in the challenging Thuluth script. His work can be identified by a unique marriage of intricate craftsmanship and experimental composition that frequently blurs lines between Islamic art and...

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Free art print of Arabic keyboard | FreeArt | fa16979396

Free art print of Arabic keyboard

Arabic keyboard

The FreeArt logo watermark will not appear on the final product

� Item:�fa16979396

FreeArt offers unbeatable prices on framed art.

We have three categories of frame pricing:

Deep-Value Frames. These are aggressively-priced plastic frames, that look decent. A good choice for a budget application.

Value Frames.These are...

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