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Aboriginal Rock Paintings

Aboriginal mythological paintings may be found all over Australia and represent many different cultures. From time immemorial Aboriginal people have left their marks in caves on rocks and because rock is durable, we can still see today their rock paintings. Although many were made for ceremonial purposes, there are undoubtedly also markings just done...

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The Chauvet Cave, France - Experience Ardeche

The Chauvet Cave (a.k.a Caverne du Pont d'arc)

This magnificent discovery was made in December 1994 and remains one of the most important prehistoric sites to date. It was found accidentally by three local cavers - Christian Hillaire, Eliette Brunel-Deschamps and Jean-Marie Chauvet after whom the cave was named. It has more recently been the subject of Werner Herzog's new film 'Cave of Forgotten...

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Human Origins: Southwest France and Northern Spain ...

Expedition Details

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Trace the footsteps of early humans as we explore the cradle of civilization in southwest France and on Spain's northern coast. On an expedition designed with paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson, examine carvings and cave paintings that illustrate life up to 40,000 years ago. From the Dordogne to Basque Country, stay in beautiful medieval towns that dot these...

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Cave painting in Brazil said work of ancient hunter ...


NEW YORK, Nov. 7 (UPI) -- Conservationists tracking wild peccaries in Brazil say they made an unexpected find -- ancient cave drawings made thousands of years ago by hunter-gatherers.

Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society and a local partner NGO, Instituto Quinta do Sol, made the discoveries while tracking wildlife and gathering environmental data in forests that link Brazil's Pantanal and Cerrado regions, a release from the New York headquarters of WCS said Thursday.

"Our work with the Wildlife Conservation Society focuses on...

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10,000yo Indian cave paintings of ‘aliens, spaceship ...

Prehistoric paintings in a cave in India may indicate that alien travelers visited the site eons ago, an archeologist says. The paintings depict what appear as humanoids with featureless faces and a tripod object that could be a vehicle.

The peculiar find was discovered in a cave system under the Charama region in Kanker district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Preliminary dating says...

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UFOs and Aliens in Ancient Art | The Ghost Diaries

UFOs and Aliens in Ancient Art


5 years, 1 month ago

The earliest depictions of ancient aliens and UFOs are those carved on a mountain in Hunan, China. They are said to be dated 47,000 years old, which puts them in the time span of the Neanderthal man, predating Homo-sapiens. These paintings seem to suggest early encounters with unknown beings and, perhaps, visitations from...

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Indian Art- Indian Art Work, Indian Arts, India Art ...

Cultural India : Indian Art

Indian Art

Indian subcontinent has always been the reservoir of talent, be it in the field of art, science, literature, or any other field. However, special emphasis should be given to the famous Indian art and its various forms. The art work of this country, be it paintings or sculptures or even traditional arts like Rangoli, has always gathered appreciation from...

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Top 10 most amazing ancient rock cut structures in India ...

/ Kunal Mukherjee , Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Ellora Caves (Maharashtra) belong to the highest achievements of mankind both regarding the engineering skills and arts. Words can not describe the incredible richness of artistic and phylosophical messages emanated by thousands of sculptures, drawings and inscriptions in Ellora.

This group of 34 monasteries and temples belongs to the last great cave...

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Shamans Of Painted Caves - Eden Saga - english

- Wilderness

Our time is over rational, logical to the absurd , devoid of any magic horizon. We forgot our right brain, which atrophies . We neglect the wonders it offers. We despise those who enjoy some, drug addicts , mystics and madmen.�

And yet ... Since ancient times, in all parts of the world,

many men and women have followed the path of the shaman.

�In what mysterious...

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Ancient Aliens – Photographic Evidence? - HISTORY

Many ancient alien theorists point to cave paintings such as these, to say that aliens have been visiting us for thousands of years.

Akhenaten ascended to the throne of Egypt in 1352 B.C. Some ancient alien theorists interpret his elongated skull as a sign of extraterrestrial heritage.

Remains from a tomb that may be Akhenaten's support the theory that he had an elongated skull.

Ancient alien theorists believe that the Nazca lines of Peru are clear evidence that aliens have...

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Lascaux Cave Constellations - timothystephany.com

Shaman Constellation

The so-called "Shaman" or "Sorcerer" figure is from a cavern at Trois-Freres in France, Figure 1,�was first interpreted to be a human in a shaman's costume, performing a dance or ritual.� It is clear, however, that the same constellation that represents the Great Lion on the Gobekli Tepe page is also the basis of this Sorcerer cave painting.� This is shown in Figure...

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Bagh Caves, Madhya Pradesh, Tourism in Madhya Pradesh

Bagh caves of Madhya Pradesh are reckoned amongst the finest specimens of Buddhist art and architecture in India . These are famous for mural paintings done by master painters of ancient India. Bagh Caves are one of the best examples of Buddhism culture in western Madhya Pradesh of Central India . Out of the original 9 caves only 5 have been in existence.

Location of Bagh caves

The caves are...

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Australian Aboriginal Art Discovered in Rock Shelter ...

Aged Australian Aboriginal art discovered at Narwala Gabarnmang rock shelter.

News Source

Heritage Daily: " Australia's Oldest Rock Art Discovered by USQ Researcher "

In the Arnhem Land plateau area of in Australia's Northern Territory, in a place so remote it is best reached by helicopter, is Narwala Gabarnmang, the "Sistine Chapel of rock art sites." Discovered during a 2006 survey sponsored by...

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How Communication Made Us Modern - Origins: The Journey of ...

From the spoken word, our ancestors branched out into other modes of communication. They began to paint pictures of animals, such as a likeness of a wild pig found on a cave in Indonesia that scientists have estimated to be more than 35,000 years old. They may actually have functioned as part of an early version of multimedia performances. Steven Waller, an acoustic engineer who's studied the...

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Neanderthals Built Mystery Cave Rings 175,000 Years Ago

They painted magnificent cave paintings. They mastered fire and used tools. And now we know they constructed complex buildings deep within subterranean caves, and they did it more than 175,000 years ago. No, we're not talking about early humans. Neanderthals did all this.

A team of archaeologists led by Jacques Jaubert at the University of Bordeaux in France has just completed an archaeological...

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Snøhetta masterfully designs the Lascaux IV Museum in ...

Buried amongst the stately chateaus and castles is a collection of artwork that has captured the imagination of the world--the cave paintings of Lascaux.

Discovered in 1940, these prehistoric works of art were created more than 17,000 years ago in Montignac, France . At first, the caves were open to the public, but were closed in 1963 when it was discovered that humans exhaling carbon dioxide...

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Grey Alien | Ufopedia, the Alien Wiki | FANDOM powered by ...


Ancient seemingly Egyptian hieroglyphs depicting individuals with unusually large heads.

Grey Aliens are thought to have influenced primitive mankind to build civilizations such as the pyramids. It is rumored that they once arrived on the planet Earth billions of years ago and as they taught primitive humans how to build, they were worshiped by the humans as gods, some believe. Having seen...

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Cantabria guide | Information Santander | Altamira Caves ...

Cantabria is the hidden jewel of Spain. This tiny autonomous region of Cantabria in Northern Spain is one of the Iberian Peninsula's hidden jewels, largely overlooked by the mass market tourist industry.

Most British holidaymakers arriving by ferry at the Cantabrian capital of Santander only catch a glimpse of this gorgeous region through the car window as they pass through en route to one of the...

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Ancient Australia - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

Ancient Australia (also called the Prehistory of Australia), covers the time from when the first humans came to Australia to the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

Aboriginal artefacts on Rottnest Island have been dated from 6,500 to more than 30,000 years ago. However, more recent evidence suggests human occupation by or even before 50,000 years ago. [1] [2]

During the Pleistocene period, sea...

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10 Fascinating Cave Dwellings in the World (with Photos ...

Cave dwellings have been found in many regions of the world. These caves served as dwellings and as places of worship and were usually combined with surface structures. After the cave cities ceased to be inhabited, the surface structures fell into ruin and only the caves remained. Not all cave dwellings have been deserted however. In certain areas of northern China cave dwellings are still...

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Why did prehistoric people make cave art ... - Filthy ...

Why did prehistoric people make cave art?

Jul 23, 2013

by Adam Benton in Ancient technology

Humans have been painting caves for tens of thousands of years. It all started back in the European Upper Palaeolithic, around 35,000 years ago (and continued throughout that period).�But what motivated them to start drawing in the first place?

A lot of effort has been spent trying to figure that out....

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Make Cave Paintings | Activity | Education.com

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Selecting Between the Different Types of Art Paint ...

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are pigments combined with synthetic acrylic resins, such as epoxy, to create a water-based, fast-drying medium. Acrylics were first produced commercially during the 1950's, but only really gained popularity in the 60's. Many artist's loved it's ability to mimic the thin transparencies of watercolor, while also being able to be built up like oil paints, without...

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Dance Facts | Squizzes

Your shout

Dance Facts

Dance has been around for a really long time and it's popular all around the world! Many dance styles have influenced modern dance. Read on to learn more about it!

A world record for the longest conga dance line was set by 119,986 people in Miami in 1988.

The foxtrot was invented by Harry Fox in 1914.

In 1923, Michigan, passed a law forbidding dancers to stare into each...

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10 Huge Prehistoric Cats - Listverse

Before man became a hunter and made his way to the top of the food chain, the Felidae, or cats, were the most successful, powerful predators in most of the world. Even today, big cats such as tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards keep causing admiration and fear, but these magnificent beasts are dwarfed by some of their extinct relatives. I give you ten of prehistory's largest, mightiest cats, some...

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Early Humans - Ms. McClure's Class

Social Studies : Early Humans

Who's Who of Early Man - Learn about the different groups of early humans, when these groups lived, and what distinguishes one group from another.

Smithsonian Human Origins - Expand your understanding of early humans by exploring this extensive site, which includes interactives, videos, a human family tree, the newest scientific research, and much more.

Historical Tour:  Prehistoric - Peruse this excellent, concise overview of early humans, written in outline format.

Science Daily:  Early Human News - Read the latest scientific information about early humans or explore past articles about early humans.

KidsPast: ...

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