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One of the best known and most impressive groups of cave temples is Ajanta Caves - these impressive structures form a popular tourist destination. These caves contain some of the richest collections of ancient art in region. Ajanta art inspired numerous artists of the late 19th - early 20th centuries, many people were essentially obsessed with copying Ajanta paintings, there have been written...

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Bagh Caves, Madhya Pradesh, Tourism in Madhya Pradesh

Bagh caves of Madhya Pradesh are reckoned amongst the finest specimens of Buddhist art and architecture in India . These are famous for mural paintings done by master painters of ancient India. Bagh Caves are one of the best examples of Buddhism culture in western Madhya Pradesh of Central India . Out of the original 9 caves only 5 have been in existence.

Location of Bagh caves

The caves are...

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Monjulee Art - Watercolour and Oil Painting Artist

Watercolour and Oil Paintings

Monjulee: A Brief Biography

Perhaps uniquely, I am a Welsh/Malaysian/Bengali-Indian female artist! I should explain (but see About �for detail). I was born in Malaysia of Bengali-Indian parents; I moved to Wales, UK in 1994; and it is here in Wales that I began to paint in earnest and to exhibit and sell my work. But it was in India, where I lived for many years,...

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