Sculpture by Henri Matisse

If Matisse's paintings, for all their chromatic strength, tend to be elegantly composed, the sculptures are often about stresses and struggles. The three-dimensional medium permitted Matisse to twist the figure even more than he had in the painting. He is said to have urged his students to literally adopt the posture of the twisting and contorted bodies of the models as they worked in order to...

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shona art history and zimbabwean sculpture | african art ...

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Guruve specialises in stone sculpture from Zimbabwe, often known as the Shona art movement. Although the younger artists may choose modern themes, the striking simplicity of their pieces reveals they too belong to an art movement that first gained international exposure in the 1950s...

In 1957, Frank...

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African art history

African art history shows the earliest wooden sculptures from the 17th C are attributed to the Kuba, central Zaire but the earliest surviving sub-Saharan sculpture is a zoomorphic head found in 1928 in Central Angola. It is dated to the 8th-9th C and survived being buried under the water table.

The finest examples of surviving wood carving date around 1920, some collected as early as 1890 and...

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