350 Africa – 8 ways climate change is already affecting Africa

Right now, the effects of climate change are already being felt by people across Africa. Evidence shows that the change in temperature has affected the health, livelihoods, food productivity, water availability, and overall security of the African people.

According to the Climate Change Vulnerability Index for 2015 , seven of the ten countries most at risk from climate change are in...

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Algeria Africa - Flags, Maps, Economy, History, Climate ...

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The Maghrib (see Glossary) remains a politically, economically, and strategically important area for Algerian foreign policy objectives. Sharing economic, cultural, linguistic, and religious characteristics, as well as national borders, the Maghrib nations have historically maintained highly integrated diplomatic interests. Before Algerian independence, the other...

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Climate & Agriculture — Algeria — Our Africa

The slopes of Algeria's northern mountains and plateaus are used for pastoral farming, mainly sheep and cattle, but also goats. Cow's milk and sheep's meat are the highest-earning agricultural products for...

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Weather Locations in Africa - Holiday Weather

Africa Weather Overview

The climate across Africa exhibits a number of different weather extremes and in addition to several different climates. Taking up 30,221,532 km and spreading evenly north and south across the equator, it is not hard to understand why so many different weather patterns can prevail.

The large majority of Africa hosts an arid desert climate, though subtropical,...

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Welcome to Algeria — Algeria — Our Africa

Hello. My name is Manal. Welcome to Algeria.

My friends and I would like to show you around Algiers, the capital of Algeria.

Algiers is a beautiful city, built around a large crescent-shaped harbour. It lies on the Mediterranean coast, where most Algerians live. Much of Algeria is made up of the Sahara desert.

From out to sea, the capital of Algeria looks peaceful and the white buildings along...

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