aboriginal cave art and the kakadu national park, northern ...

aboriginal cave art and the kakadu national park, northern territory, australia


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For those of you who cut geography class, the Commonwealth of Australia is split into six states [New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia] and two territories [the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory or ACT]. Within the Northern...

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Space Aliens In Australia - Mysterious Australia

Australasian Post, September 11, 1986

Space Aliens In Australia

In a rock shelter in the NSW Blue Mountains 20 years ago, I came across a mysterious Aboriginal carving. Etched into the rock it appeared to depict a human-like figure seated in an airborne vehicle. Flying saucer enthusiasts would take this carving as clear evidence that astronauts...

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Aboriginal art - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

Types of art[ change | change source ]

There are several types of aboriginal art and ways of making art. This includes rock painting, dot painting, rock engravings, bark painting, carvings, sculptures, and weaving and string art.

Dot paintings from Namadgi National Park showing a Kangaroo , Dingoes , Echidna and a Turtle ,

A painting of Baiame in "Baiame's cave", near Singleton, NSW. Notice the...

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Australian Indigenous art | australia.gov.au

The earliest Indigenous art was paintings or engravings on boulders or on the walls of rock shelters and caves. Red ochre was being used for painting at least 30,000 years ago in central Australia. Indigenous people relate these very old images to the actions of Dreaming beings. The images are sacred because they show a continuing ancestral presence.

There are three broad styles of rock art which...

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The Ancient Flying Machines of The ... - Collective Evolution

I'm in!

I want to start off by saying that what I present in this article is a very minuscule amount of information that's available on prehistoric flying machines. I try to stay on the topic of flying objects, and stay away from details of extraterrestrial beings, for which there is also an enormous amount of information. What I've presented in this article is but a fraction of the numerous...

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Melbourne to Great Ocean Road Itinerary - Visitors Bureau

Great Ocean Road Suggested Itinerary

via The Great Ocean Road, Grampians and Ballarat.

Day 1: Melbourne to Apollo Bay

Distance 200km Approx drive time 3 hours

Depart Melbourne via the West Gate Bridge and follow the Princes Freeway towards Geelong. The historic Werribee Park Mansion and Point Cook National Aviation Museum are both accessible from the freeway or stop at Serendip Sanctuary,...

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