Ancient Human Cave Paintings - The Best Cave

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Ufos And Aliens In Ancient Art The Ghost Diaries

Cave Painting Prehistoric Characteristics Origins Types

Art That S Gone To The Dogs Austin Blanton Museum Of

Art From The Past 10 Of Best Ancient Cave Paintings...

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Date: 2017-12-08 11:32:07

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10 Cave Paintings That Depict Ancient Aliens - YouTube

Cave Paintings That Depict Ancient Aliens.

10) Real Alien astronomer of Kiev

In Kiev a very interesting carving of an ancient alien was discovered which is considered to belong to 4000 B.C.This Art shows an alien like creature covered in an suite which closely resembles an astronomers. This gives us a very clear picture of ancient alien sightings believed to have occurred.

9) Wunnamurra Gorge,...

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50,000 year old paintings of 'Aliens'

50,000 year old paintings of 'Aliens'

The Wandjina or Wondjina are a very common figure seen in Australian Aboriginal cave paintings.

They are most commonly seen in the North West of Australia, a place called�The Kimberley's. Which is basically a large oasis surrounded by the harshest desert and wild ocean.

Beings some of the closest Australian land to Southern Asia, it is likely that the...

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Space Aliens In Australia - Mysterious Australia

Australasian Post, September 11, 1986

Space Aliens In Australia

In a rock shelter in the NSW Blue Mountains 20 years ago, I came across a mysterious Aboriginal carving. Etched into the rock it appeared to depict a human-like figure seated in an airborne vehicle. Flying saucer enthusiasts would take this carving as clear evidence that astronauts...

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Didgeridoo History - Aboriginal Art

Department of Education Sa

It is important to realise that, to many Aboriginal artists, the distinctions between art, craft and design and the divisions between traditional and contemporary art based on European understandings of art. They consider this type of analysis to be largely irrelevant, and don't necessary refer to their...

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