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Marrakech Art Galleries: Marrakech, Morocco - World Guides

There are many different places in Marrakech where visitors can come to appreciate Moroccan art. The Matisse Art Gallery is one of the foremost galleries within Marrakech and showcases both local Moroccan and international artists alike.

The Museum of the Friends of Marrakech is home to a selection of notable art galleries, with both the Fondation Culturelle Dar Bellarj and the Institut Francais...

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Algeria Maps and Orientation: Algeria, North Africa

An Arab and Berber country situated within North Africa, the northernmost area of Africa, the country of Algeria borders the surrounding African countries of Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco , Niger and Tunisia, as well as the Western Sahara area.

The northern shore of Algeria is edged by the Mediterranean Sea, which stretches for over 700 miles / 1,125 km and is home to a number of popular beach destinations. Across the Mediterranean and to the north / north-west of Algeria...

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Africa Continent - World Guides


Located within North Africa and alongside the Mediterranean Sea, the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria ranks as the continent's second-biggest country.

Tourism in Algeria is very much a burgeoning industry and suits confident travellers looking for a unique holiday. The beaches of the Turquoise Coast are a real highlight, along with the Sahara dunes, the peaks of the...

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Cairo Art Galleries: Cairo, Egypt - World Guides

Art lovers will find plenty to fill their time with when visiting Cairo and the city's excellent selection of galleries and museums.

There are countless impressive pieces of art in the galleries found dotted throughout the city of Cairo.

Of particular importance here is the Museum of Islamic Art and also the Museum of Islamic Ceramics, both of which warrant your attention.

Museum of Islamic Art


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Algeria Towns and Cities: Algeria, North Africa - World Guides

Located in north-eastern Algeria, Constantine is the third largest city and a popular visitor destination. The city boasts an interesting past, which stretches back to Carthaginian times.

Standing atop a mountain, Constantine has a casbah, palace, mosques, and an interesting museum. Nearby are the Roman ruins of Tiddis.


Algeria's second-largest city is somewhat off the main tourist route....

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Tunisia Art Galleries: Tunisia, North Africa - World Guides

Both Tunis and Sousse tend to be where the largest and most notable galleries are situated, offering a taster of Tunisian and North African art.

In Sousse, the Dar Am Taieb Museum of Contemporary Art stands out, while in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, much-visited galleries include both the B'Chira Art Centre and the National Centre of Living Art at Belvedere Park. Also found in Tunis is the...

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Algeria Landmarks and Monuments: Algeria, North Africa

Algeria has many fascinating monuments and landmarks, ranging from striking natural geographical features to ancient Roman ruins.

However, Algeria's greatest draws are undoubtedly the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert region. It is well worth incorporating at least one trip into this area to experience all that it has to offer.

Visitors who plan to spend some time in the capital city of Algiers...

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Algiers Tourism (Capital City): Algeria, North Africa

Algiers is the capital city of Algeria, the second-largest country in Africa. This cosmopolitan city overlooks the Bay of Algiers.

It is particularly noted for its white buildings. Indeed, it is familiarly known as 'Alger la Blanche'.

The city is often seen by visitors as simply a point of arrival. However, it is well worth staying a few days extra in Algiers, so that you can get to know all that...

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Algeria Restaurants and Dining: Algeria, North Africa

Most of the restaurants and upscale dining establishments of Algeria can be found in its larger cities, particularly Algiers. Elsewhere, visitors have plenty of opportunities to sample local dishes in the small restaurants, cafes and eateries found in most small towns. Alternatively, diners punctuate Algeria's highways and are a great way to sample traditional cuisine.

Dining out in Algeria gives...

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Algeria Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing: Algeria ...

Whilst Algeria remains mostly undeveloped as far as tourist attractions are concerned, there's still plenty to see and do. From the prehistoric rock art of Tassili n'Ajje to impressive palaces and botanical gardens in Algiers, there's sure to be something to cater for most tastes.

For many tourists, simply soaking up the atmosphere of Algeria's ancient towns, attractions and desert region is...

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